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the island of martha’s vineyard – raw vegan dream vacation

Welcome to your dream vacation…One of the most beautiful places on the planet…Back to the old world with untouched beaches and numerous lighthouses…Refreshing New England charm with unique locally owned businesses…Chains such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart and McDonald’s are not even allowed here…No stoplights and even the speed limit forces us to take it slow and breathe in island life…Ballroom dancing and the waltz in our local dance hall…Historic theatres that play new movies mixed with old classes like ET…Real bike lanes and trails set apart from the cars for your safety and pleasure while exploring our abundant conservation land…With those little details mixed in that will make you smile (you’ll see!)…Even enjoy (raw, gourmet) chocolate left on your pillow

Perhaps we will be welcoming you to a vacation even better than the one in your dreams?

where are you hosting this dream vacation?

On the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. We are only able to give the address to registered guests, but you can look for the lighthouse in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, USA to see the general whereabouts.

an ocean view & really the best of every world.

Nestled in the trees, at the top of a hill, with a gorgeous ocean view. We'll be staying in a large private home restored to its splendor from when it was built in the 1800s. With modern conveniences, a lovely wraparound porch (viewing the ocean), and of course outfitted with chairs and the best hammock ever. The kitchen is made for happy chefs and raw foodies. Clean, bright, open, and FULL of counter space for our chopping, processing, and blending pleasure.

what exactly are you doing?

From May 22 until June 10, 2012, we are doing something really exciting on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. We (we being Eva Rawposa and the extended Uncooking 101 team, including several professionals like an awesome, lifelong vegan, Oprah-featured, raw food enthusiast and kick-butt fitness trainer) will be working together to operate a FULLY RAW, FULLY VEGAN, FULLY INDULGENT... Hmmm... What DO we call this?

calling it a "bed & breakfast" would be an insult.

It's so much more. So, YES, you get the comforts of home. YES, you are welcomed like an old friend. YES, you will have the insider info straight from a local. YES, there will be a bed, and breakfast. Breakfast is none like any you ever had. Raw, vegan parfaits, pancakes, milk & cereal, green smoothies, fresh juices, fresh fruits. Eat whatever you like as it's a lovely buffet for your pleasure.

what's the deal with the classes?

We are education-based. Meaning: Come for group fun, new friends, to learn how to make amazing food, it's all part of the package. ALL FOOD-PREP CLASSES ARE INCLUDED. Kinda like "teaching someone how to fish instead of just giving him fish". Except we'll be both feeing you well AND teaching you how to make amazing raw + vegan food. FOR LIFE.

so how does it work?

On the booking page, you select any 3+days checking in between May 22 and June 6 and book just as you would for any bed & breakfast or hotel. We take care of ALL of your food and help you around the island, welcome you into the home. So keep reading... There's more that's included...

for your vacationing and socializing pleasure.

But then of course there are also the morning walks together. The option to enjoy the sand between your toes and the sunshine on your face for a beachfront yoga session. There is the ocean view. There is the nearby lighthouse. There is the harbor with sailboats anchored just a few steps away. The option for a guided island bike tour.

and then more food. in fact, all of your food.

On top of the lovely breakfast, a deluxe picnic lunch is included. (We'll make it together!) Afternoon tea and sweet snacks. A gourmet and fun dinner party every night featuring raw cuisine that will remind you of different flavors of the world, such as Italian and Mexican food.

activities designed with you & your life in mind.

Every morning we have an uncooking 101 class (which changes every single day) and make your picnic lunch together (you'll have the recipes!). Then for about 4-5 hours, you're on your own to explore however you like. Finally, we meet for a fun class and dinner party in the evenings.

what if i want to skip something?

It's totally fine. You can attend any and all classes you want, but if you're not feeling up to group activities, you are welcome to head into town or hang out in your room, on the porch, in the garden, whatever you like.

truly: every little detail is there for you!

Our friends in the raw food world, from dabblers to enthusiasts. Bring your friends, bring your spouse, bring your family. Or simply bring yourself and meet others who "get it". (Sure is nice to have people who understand you around!)

we are firmly & joyfully committed to...

offering you the best vacation you ever had and sharing the island with you just like we would with a forever friend. And that, is a promise!

ready to book?

You may check pricing and book your space while there are still spaces available, right here.

looking forward to seeing you soon...

& welcoming you to our raw island paradise!

 xxo :-) Eva


First check out our FAQ. If you still have questions, we're certainly easy to find. :-)

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