How My Daughter’s Growth Spurt Relates to “Going Raw”


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Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a green smoothie ready to go from the previous day. Today, I’ll need to make it fresh… but… Right now, Miss Lilla is asleep beside me. She’d never notice the sound of the blender. But she would notice if I’m not next to her.

I even need to occasionally (even though my leg is up against her from head to toe) press my hand on her chest so she feels wrapped in love.

Here’s why… She’s going through a mental growth spurt now (it’s the 5th “wonder week” which I’ll explain in a moment…). Mental leaps are not easy on little ones. The whole world changes, like it does with, say, going raw!

During a time of growth, we need extra comfort, love, and support!

I remember when I first went raw, I didn’t know that I was personally sabotaging my husband’s ability to support me through it (now I know there are tricks which are not exactly “tricky” but do help!). Every day, it was an argument. He felt defensive about his own diet.

So I left him. No really. I up and left. I was thinking “To heck with this. I don’t need a husband who wants to see me sick!” So we were just “separated” for a time. I stayed with my mom, and my mom and I supported each other through our mutual growth (she went raw too!).

That was more than 5 years ago, and my husband and I are, as it turns out, happily married. I am happily raw. He is happily whatever. My mom is happily raw. My baby is happily 100% breast fed my “raw” milk. It’s all good.

But this makes me think… When the world is shifting… the last thing we need is someone else sabotaging us!

We need

  • extra love
  • extra warmth
  • extra support
  • a “security blanket”
  • understanding
  • someone who’s “been there, done that”

And these are some of the goals of the 21-Day Raw Food Jump-Start. You want to know “how to go raw”. Well, I’ll take you by the hand.

I hope you’ll join us. Registration closes soon!!

21-Day Raw Food Jump-Start Program
The Wonder Weeks Basically, there are 10 “mental leaps” consistent from child to child, all over the world. Lilla is in the 5th one, the one that happens at 23 weeks. This is a GREAT resource for moms of kids up to two years old!!

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