Why is raw better than cooked?


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The lovely and talented artist Suzanna Schlemm had some questions after reading the newsletter and seeing info about the Ultimate Raw Food Jump-Start.

Hi, Eva,

Great newsletter, as usual :)

I am curious: why is raw better than cooked?
I understand why lean is better than fat, why veggies are better than fried potatoes and why tofu is better than a steak. My husband is a vegetarian and our dinners are super healthy, I LOVE greens and I am a good cook. But I never understood what is wrong about a little cooking… what does it do to the food that is so bad? If we pick the right food does it really matter if it is cooked or not?

Thank you, Eva!
Suzanna Schlemm



Aw, thanks for the kind words on the newsletter! :-)

There is a book called “Becoming Raw” written by two women, one of whom is kind of my hero and has headed up AMAZING diabetes projects. It goes into the actual science behind what happens when we cook even veggies. I see it all as a kind of spectrum, where foods that harm us are on one end and foods that nourish and heal us are on the other side.

While the science is pretty clear in the book I mentioned, what’s not included in there is every person’s individual lives and needs. So while raw IS generally better for most of us, I believe in personal experimentation over just “trusting” “science”. In my own experiments, even eating lightly steamed veggies drags my energy down compared to raw meals. But too many nuts and gourmet raw foods, and I feel weighed down too.

I hope that helps!
:-) XXO Eva

(Note: The above photo is from a featured recipe in the Jump-Start by Sasha Campbell of www.BlyssfulHealth.com and BlyssfulHealth.Uncooking101.com :-) ) Want more info on going raw with my “easy button”? We are just now taking signups for the Ultimate Raw Food Jump-Start and would looove to have you!

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