{article} Can bodybuilders get enough protein from raw food?


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by Eva Rawposa

Protein is on the minds of so many, it seems!

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that raw food is great for building strong bodies. The bad news is that it is less great at building huge bodies. Here is more info for you:

1/ Negative for raw:
Think of all the hormones injected in animals today. They are primed to get big quickly so they can be more profitable to those involved in the meat industry. Now think of steroids… other hormones that create quick growth. The effects of meat and steroids are similar, which is convenient for a body builder looking for legal but quick results.

2/ Positive for raw:
Eating raw foods that are easily assimilated actually creates a more efficient body that rids itself of waste and excess. This is great for creating that ripped look (even without body makeup ;-) ).

3/ Tip:
Go nuts! Eating more nuts and other high-fat, high-protein food should help tip the scales in the body builder’s favor. Walnuts in particular are great for this. (I answer a question I got about soaking nuts next week, and I have a great tip to share!)


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