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by Eva Rawposa

Between the grapefruit diet, the Master Cleanse, Juice Fasting, and many many other cleanses out there, you will find some similarities.

For HEALING and CLEANSING, almost all cleanses are based on raw, vegan foods. (Funny how that works!)

Processed food is nixed.
(Wonder why!)

And diets are simplified, sometimes even cut down to only liquids.

Sometimes it can be a little intense to manage only liquids. The change is so dramatic, so intense, that a healing crisis (detox!) can be more than we bargained for.

Mono eating makes a brilliant 1-day (or even longer) cleanse when you just want to lighten up or simplify your diet. You’ll also find that many long-term raw foodists, whether or not intentionally, tend to end up mono eating for many meals.

Essentially, you pick ONE fruit or vegetable (a raw, vegan, fresh food like apples, tomatoes, avocados, mangoes, etc.) and then eat it until you are full. That can mean eating 2 avocados or 5 apples in one sitting, for example. You just, keep eating until you are satisfied.

When you are truly hungry again, you eat whatever food you would like to eat. This can even be the same food if you are really wanting that particular food, but you will often find that it is a different one.

Because your body is not dealing with strange food combining issues like nuts with fruits, everything you are eating will take the same time to digest. This eases the body’s burden to work out the details of getting the fuel pumping the body with energy.

It’s also really, really easy! So it saves time.

You literally just, start. Any day of the week will work. Make sure you have a LOT more food on hand than you might think you need. Pick foods that appeal to you, and just do it. This is honestly the easiest cleanse ever.

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