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[Edited to note that this article was written in 2008, and I've continued to find benefits to oil pulling!]

Photo: CanStockPhoto
Photo: CanStockPhoto
by Eva Rawposa

The first thing I do when I start my day is head for the kitchen pantry and take a swig of sesame oil. Yup, sesame oil. But I don’t swallow it; instead, I swish it around in my mouth until I can’t stand it anymore.

I read about this last year, and I figured, “Hey, Why not?” I do some crazy things sometimes, and this is the least of them. The first time I tried it, I almost spit it out. After that, it’s been no big deal.

This morning, I’ve already cleaned downstairs, made my bed, done a few work tasks so they would be DONE right away. I’ve been oil pulling for an hour, and it’s 8:15. Not bad.

Time to spit it out really quickly, swish some salt water, brush my teeth. Then I’ll be back to explain…

Why Did I Start Oil Pulling?
I started oil pulling because I had already been eating raw food for a few months, and I still didn’t have perfect skin. I thought that raw food should perfectly cure me of all ailments immediately. It did a lot (we’re talking a HUGE improvement – my skin was worlds better just by going raw!), but it did not make my skin dewy and spotless. Hmph.

So, I saw this girl’s blog who is/was a model in Copenhagen (and a raw foodist). She had the “same” situation — eating raw food for awhile and hoping for perfectly perfect skin. She found out about oil pulling and documented her journey. I saw the pictures of her dewy, amazing skin after she did this for awhile.

Sooo, why not?!

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