{article} What about coffee? Do raw foodists drink coffee?


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by Eva Rawposa

This question actually came from a client at one of the dinner party classes last week. And really, I hear it all the time.

When you take a strong stimulant of any kind, it activates the “fight or flight” response by the body and stimulates the adrenal glands. Done regularly, the adrenals become burdened and taxed, so overworked that they have a difficult time performing for regular tasks.

So when do we need the adrenal glands to work well? All the time of course, but especially in times of stress.

Additionally, coffee is a diuretic, which means that it dehydrates you. Considering that the body is made of so much water, and needs to be well hydrated to work well, that is not a good thing!

So, what does this mean for a coffee drinker who keeps hearing that coffee is healthy?! Coffee is just a part of the big picture. It’s not the end of the world if you are drinking it, but it’s something to keep in mind as needed on your journey.

I’ll tell you… After working at 3 coffee shops, including a 5-year stint at Starbucks (read: lots of sources of free and unlimited coffee…), I understand. I know that it must be toxic, because of the very harsh de-tox (almost went to the ER!!) I went through. But, for me, I’m glad to be off of it.

For my own (very healthy and vibrant) mother and others, it just isn’t the right time to do any more than cut down to a small amount. Your life, your decision. I’m just sharing what I can with you!


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