{article} Wheat, Gluten, Bread, Addiction, and Recovery (Part 1)

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by Eva Rawposa, Creator of The Uncooking School

Part 1 – My Story

Many of you may know that I am pregnant. I’ve heard about Pregnancy Cravings, but I’ve mostly scoffed at them because my cravings have primarily been for fresh-squeezed orange juice, collard wraps, kale (mmm), and other such fresh, vibrant foods. Bread? Ice cream and pickles? Ew!

I don’t believe This Bread Thing is one of those Pregnancy Cravings. I believe this was a momentary lapse in judgment that is biting me in the rear and will be until I get this gluten out of my system entirely!

So, the situation is that I had a piece of bread approximately 7 days ago, and in the days since then I have had bread on additional 3 days. The 3 days without bread have each been a challenge beyond what I would expect. See, I’ve been down this road before. And I took many, many turns in directions that brought me to where I was 7 days ago.

I remember the struggles when I first “went raw”. On vacations and in classes, I am blessed that I can share with others what I have done to conquer them. Thankfully, I will be able to use what I am learning this week with others. For that reason, in addition to simply deserving the Best of life, health, and freedom, I am thankful for this experience and extra determined to come out a warrior!

Last Week, Pre-Bread
I saw only fresh food (aka raw food, living food, real food, food from the earth) as “food”. Commercially sold bread, cheese, soda, processed foods, meat, crackers, ice cream, etc. did not register to me as “food”. In fact, I would look at them more like pretty ornaments, fragrant perfumes, or play-dough like substances. Not the sort of thing I would eat. I might admire it for its color, shine, texture, or aroma. But eat it? Of course not! Why would I eat those?

I was clear-headed and bright-spirited. I woke up early-ish in the morning, at least by 8, without an alarm. My first desire in the morning was for juice or a smoothie. Every once in a while maybe a piece of fruit like an orange. I was, in every sense of the word, raw.

This Week, Post-Bread
I can’t say there has been a super dramatic change. I am not sick. I am not bloated. I did not gain lots of weight. My face is not broken out. But there is most definitely a difference. And it’s not a good one!

I am not reaching for raw. I am fighting against cooked. I want peanut butter. I want butter. I want Cocoa Crispies, for crying out loud! But mostly, I just want bread. In fact, yesterday I had the better part of a loaf of bread. Yes, that means almost an entire loaf. I’d have a couple pieces, then walk out of the room. Then come back and have more. Then leave the room and come back. I did this until there was nothing but a nub of a loaf. Embarrassing really.

I have been sleeping since 10am or later, unable to fall asleep at a decent hour. One night I wasn’t able to sleep until the sun was coming up.

I have been moving at a much slower pace than usual.

I have had an eczema flare-up. You should see my poor elbow. It’s not doing well at all and is close to scabbing up.

I’ve had several mild headaches.

I’m sniffly. When I breathe in and out, there is mucus. Yuck!

{Continue to Part 2 – My Road to Triumph}

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