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[Note: The pictures below are not just the result of oil pulling. I first went raw - saw huge changes for my skin - then started oil pulling because I wanted "perfect" skin. That's no longer a priority for me, but my skin does continue to be great, and I'm enjoying all the other benefits of oil pulling too! You can click the photo collage below to see more detail.]

Eva Rawposa Before and After Raw Food

by Eva Rawposa

Why Oil Pull (according to Eva Rawposa)
When I oil pull, my skin feels softer, including on my body. My feet are as soft as they could possibly be. It’s really remarkable. I’ve always had to do these treatments with scrubs and lotions and whathaveyou just to have okay feet — but even doing NO treatments when I’m oil pulling consistently, they’re so ridiculously soft.

My blemishes disappear. My teeth are whiter, and they feel clean.

All of the mucous is removed so that I breathe perfectly clearly. Even now — the pollen is EVERYwhere, but I have no sign of mucous in my nose or lungs, except in the morning when I spit it out after oil pulling. Ick.

Why Oil Pull (according to “them” that agree)
(I’m paraphrasing and jumbling up info from several sources for simplicity.)

In alternative medicine, including in old Ayurvedic texts, oil pulling is an oral and systemic remedy that is said to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headaches to diabetes and asthma.

One theory: Just as the skin is an organ that removes toxins from our body, the tongue is also a key organ for the elimination of toxins. Sort of how the foot is mapped out for reflexology, the tongue is also a map. Oil swishing eliminates toxins from every organ.

Another theory: There is lots of not-so-good (and in fact, really gross) bacteria hiding in our mouth. This effectively helps to remove that quickly and “easily.”

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