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Angelique MillerNOTE FROM EVA: I should first tell you that I adore Angie even more than I adore her sweet and sour cucumber salad. (Which is saying a LOT!) I have known her for years now and am continually lifted up by her. She is a sweet soul. Honestly, you would only understand if you knew her. But I’m telling you, her heart is made out of gold!

Her business is NOT in raw foods. She has a “day job”. The site I am sharing with you here is something she created out of love. Perhaps one day it will be a full-on “business” that pays her back for all the time she put into it, but for now Angie’s Raw Shopper site was created to fill a need existing in the raw community.

I hope you will enjoy her recipe and her site!


  • Pick up a FREE copy of Angie’s ebook, How to Save $500 a Month on Raw
  • Angie didn’t even encourage me to push you over there, I just like the site THAT much
  • The whole point of the site is finding the CHEAPEST and the BEST resources out there for ALL of your raw food specialty desires. And BOY, does it help!!
  • Trying to find camu camu powder? Raw cacao? Cashews? The best resources are all right there for everything you can think of!

Sweet-Sour Cucumbers

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