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NOTE FROM EVA ON GOLUBKA: If I could express to you how HARD I have fallen in love with the pure art that is Golubka, I would surely win a Pulitzer or some other prize. Because it is just poetry to dream of and experience the beauty that is there.

We have a number of recipes to share with you (and they’re all listed at the bottom of this page) but you simply won’t want to miss a single one. So go (NOW!) to anywhere you can find Golubka! “Like” Golubka on Facebook, follow on Twitter, drool on Flickr, bookmark the blog, and then you will do what I do. Which is wait ever-so-IMpatiently for the latest work of art and heart.

It’s not very often that I will share a private chat, but this one I think you will find comical. This is the chat between Venita and I (I’m “me”, she’s obviously “Venita”) on the day when we had to pick just which recipes to share for our “Week with Golubka”. I finally managed (I don’t even know how!) to get down to 10. But 7?! IMPOSSIBLE.

me: you will have to do the elimination then!
b/c i simply CAN’T!

Venita: The next thing I was emailing was “But I can see from looking at them how difficult it will be to eliminate some – everything she does looks positively divine. Maybe we should take away either the pyramid cakes or the fig bars since they could both be considered dessert items which we have shared so many of.”

me: i tried. so hard. but how could i NOT share any of those?!
not those.

Venita: lol i knowwww

me: anyone but the rest of them and those!
let’s just do em ALL.
lemme go find the ones i already deleted yo.
just kiddin
I’m just soooo excited. Can I share every last one and gush on on fb at least?

Venita: lol if you REALLY want to, but i think you’ll have plenty of opportunity to gush about Golubka during her week

me: fair enough
you got it

Venita: she’s like a christmas gift
that you want to let someone unwrap a week early

me: or on valentine’s day.
for 10 months later.

So have a look at the recipes below and tell me you don’t agree! Every post is PURE ART and BEAUTY uniquely Golubka.

Golubka, by the way, means “dove” in Russian. Lovely!


Falafel and Tabouleh
Creamy Apple-Anise Soup and Pumpkinseed Cheese
Green Mountain Parfait
Sun-dried Tomato Basil and Olive Tart
Portobello Mushroom and Curried Spinach Quiche
Rainbow Lasagna with Heirloom Tomatoes
Colour Wheel Wraps

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