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Joanna StevenNotes from Eva on Joanna Steven: Through the raw food movement, I’ve been in touch with Joanna since somewhere around 2007. Besides her kind and thoughtful words, her detailed research has always stuck out in a really positive way.

I have read so many of her great articles and comments over the years, that I trust pretty much everything she says. Why? With such careful and thorough investigation, such clear writing, such kindness behind it all, how could you not trust her? Between the various schooling for a law degree, a psychology degree, and in clinical nutrition, she’s not just your average gal sharing her experiences.

On a more personal note, for the last couple years Joanna was preparing and learning about motherhood. Now as a new mom (yay!) she is still sharing recipes and research, but some of it is geared toward moms and eating a mostly raw diet. She writes it all with such thorough simplicity. This almost seems an oxymoron, but her articles and posts are just SO easy to understand but with so much information too.

And to top if off? Her recipes all taste good but are surprisingly simple. Just the kind of recipes I love to share with the whole world because ANYONE can make them and EVERYONE will enjoy them.

You can find Joanna Steven at her blog ~ The High Raw Nourished Kitchen. There you will find many of her articles and recipes to enjoy. She also has a raw shop that sells truly great products: Sirova.

Joanna Steven’s Contributions
{recipe} Fourth of July Pie
{recipe} Winter Holidays Salad
{recipe} Calcium-Rich Chia Pudding
{recipe} Tagliatelle Al Pesto
{recipe} Rosemary Crackers
{recipe} Better than Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar
{recipe} Rich & Elegant Chocolate Mousse
{recipe} Not Your Average Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

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