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Marie-Claire HermansNOTE FROM EVA ON MARIE-CLAIRE: I truly hope you will enjoy the articles Marie-Claire has so lovingly created for us and that you will take the time to have a look at her site. I have had some wonderful conversations with her since meeting her, and it is inspiring to see how much she really CARES about putting the information about raw out there.

And you can see that, in everything she writes. The photographs are her own, and I can just picture her snapping bazillions of them to get it “just so” so that her how-to articles and insights are as useful as they can possibly be for you. If only everyone out there put in the heart and effort Marie-Claire does into her “work”, the world would be so full of love, happiness, and other good things!

Friend Marie-Claire on Facebook at her fan page or her personal page. Either way, I’m sure she’d be glad to know you. Just “friend her”, and you’ll find she is there to offer inspiration and love as much as she would for her oldest and dearest friends. (Seriously!)

Check out her website at ravishingraw.com or her blog at blog.ravishingraw.com. (And you’ll see exactly what I mean about the love she puts into it!)

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