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Natalia KWOh, where to begin! I’ll start with the food. It’s always good to start with the food when you’re introducing a chef, even when she is somewhat of a goddess outside of the kitchen too!

And, I feel like you probably assumed this if you know me and how I do things when I’m recommending a product… but just to be clear… I’m not getting an affiliate commission or being paid for what I’m about to tell you. These are my own original words. I’m sharing this with you because I want to share what Natalia KW is doing, and I believe it is WORTH sharing.

OK… now that that’s out of the way. SERIOUSLY, NATALIA’S EBOOKS ARE AWESOME! Brilliantly easy recipes. Beautiful photos. All raw. Mostly vegan. (She does use honey, which I feel I need to mention if that’s important to you to know!) Totally amazing.

I’ll be frank with you… I thought they’d be at least decently good when I go her ebooks, but I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I had NO IDEA they would be SO AWESOME. Really, Natalia has outdone herself and deserves major props for sharing this with the world. The two books I got (she has one other one, but I didn’t check that one out) were her Cupcake Book and her General Raw Lifestyle Info Book.

I’ll update this page with her recipes in a bit as they are completed… Natalia has shared 7 recipes with me that I can share with you for free. (Actually… there might even be something else she’s sharing… she was REALLY really happy to share… pretty much just said “Hey, I like sharing this stuff. What would you like to share? Post it ~ my pleasure!) Next recipe (incoming!) is her sweet potato pie! Whoo hoo! I’ve been drooling over it for weeks and can’t believe I haven’t already shared it with you. I haven’t been TRYING to hold out. It just seems that Lilla has wanted me to entertain her the moment I get to sharing it. Or give her food. Or is wet. (This mom thing has its quirks! :) )

Recipes by Natalia KW:
Sweet Potato Pie (OH MY!)
Cacao Clusters
Dark Chocolate Ginger Brownies
Cacao Chip Coconut Bars
Tropi-Kale Stuffed Avocados
Chocolate Silk Shake
Lush Lemon Lavender Libation
Sunny Hummus
Pumpkin Pie Spice

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