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Rebecca KaneI was so very captivated by Rebecca when I saw her picture for the first time — Just look at it! Tell me she is not “shining” with joy — and just radiating love and kindness!

And she is, she truly is. Hang out near her for just a day or even just an hour and you will catch her excitement!

And I didn’t even think at first to mention that she lost more than FIFTY pounds eating raw food — which is crazy when you look at her picture. She doesn’t look like she’s been overweight a day in her life.

She is truly gifted at simplifying this lifestyle and bringing out the shine in others, helping them lose weight, love life, and find joy everywhere. It seems she is successfully helping others achieve exactly what she aims to help them achieve!

Her recipes are simple, yet incredibly delicious. Many of them are the sort of recipes you would whip together in no time, and yet find they are vibrant and filled with flavor.

Rebecca Kane’s Recipes:

Green Goddess Juice
Crunchy Flax Crackers
Coconut and Apricot Macaroons
Raspberry Chocolate Pudding
Citrus Rainbow Juice
Spiced Apple Juice
Pear and Watercress Soup
Indulgent Green Smoothie
Blueberry Breakfast Cream
Mango Thickie

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