Momma Raw

Momma RawWith the new online teacher training, a baby incoming, and everything else, we’ve really needed some local help with getting these teacher packets together… But…

As it turns out I personally am kind of into things being “just so”. I have to be an intimate part of the process to make sure it’s just right and then feel good knowing I can trust the person handling it! Especially with the magic we want to help others make, it’s really important that these materials be put together with love. And with attention to detail too.

Who better than Momma Raw (her name is “Diana” :-) ) to help with that? Not to mention, as an artist with a truly beautiful energy, she’s doing something WAY extra special to put these packets together that makes me smile BIG!

Funny thing is, that she’s been behind the scenes helping with classes, planning, brainstorming, recipes, and every other thing from the start. But now it’s official: Momma Raw is part of The Team.

I couldn’t be more excited!

:-) xxo Eva


Eva Rawposa
Uncooking 101 & The Uncooking School Creator/Founder