Books (& eBooks)

Be Your Own Doctor, Ann Wigmore
This is not actually a recipe book for food, although food is the main topic. This is Ann Wigmore’s recipe for life, which talks about raw food, sprouting, general health, and lifestyle. It also includes even a natural first-aid remedy guide. This is a must-have for the raw foodist who wants to understand more about why raw food is the ultimate lifestyle. From the introduction, a quote that sums up the book itself and what kind of info is in its contents:

“Disease stems from deficiencies and a lack of understanding of Mother Nature’s laws of health, plus the unwillingness to accept the obligation to keep the precious temple – the body – in order. This is accomplished by keeping it clean and well-nourished. And, of course, providing necessary aids such as rest, relaxation, positive thinking and plenty of exercise through hard work.” –Ann Wigmore

Alive in 5, Angelina Elliott
This is the easiest raw food book ever! At least from my shelves it is. Angelina offers raw food recipes that can be made with super easy-to-find ingredients, without lots of fancy equipment, and quickly. But they’re good! It’s a LOVELY addition to any busy man or woman’s raw food library.

Green for Life, Victoria Boutenko
This is THE book that has made information about “green smoothies” common in the raw food world. The basic premise of the book is that primates’ diets are made up of a large amount of leafy greens and fruit, and that this is ideal for humans as well. Victoria Boutenko conducted a study of her own where she gave average people with average diets, green smoothies every day. There were marked improvements in each of their health conditions. She includes several green smoothie recipes. A recipe not included in the book, but using the same ideas, is about two frozen bananas, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of spinach, and about 1/2 cup of ice, blended until smooth.

Living on Live Food, Alissa Cohen
This book is huge. It includes some promising before-and-after pictures, a sprouting guiding, information about what raw food is, a wide variety of recipes (hundreds), attractive pictures, a menu guide, and understandable answers to common questions.

Everyday Raw, Matthew Kenney
This is Matthew Kenney’s latest uncook book. He has two more upcoming, one with desserts and another about entertaining. His previous uncook book, Raw Food/Real World, used many exotic ingredients. This book does not use many exotic ingredients and has much more accessible recipes. It does still contain the same lovely eye candy — the pictures are beautiful and inviting.

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes, Ani Phyo
This is one of the best uncook books out there. The recipes are simple enough, but not too simple. They are delicious and vibrant, perfect for anyone who wants yummy raw food without spending hours in the kitchen. The one and only bread recipe in the book is amazing and can be made into croutons, burger buns, crackers, dog biscuits (she has the recipe for altering it that way in the dog section at the back!), or bread. This book is more than just an uncook book; there are recipes for a better life, a better planet, and many tips on food preparation and the raw lifestyle.

Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow, Matthew Kenney, Sarma Melngailis & Jen Karetnick
The pair that opened the amazing New York City restaurant Pure Food and Wine (Matthew and Sarma) wrote this book together. Both were classically trained and accomplished chefs before they began with the raw food lifestyle. The recipes include some unexpected and really wonderful combinations of food. Almost all of the recipes include their own mouth-watering pictures. They really do make a person salivate. The one drawback to this book is that a fair amount of ingredients must be sourced out and are not available in a regular grocery store or even health food store. This is not the greatest book to have for everyday recipes, but it is wonderful for really spicing things up and pulling together new flavors.

Fresh: The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook, Sergei Boutenko & Valya Boutenko
This is the third book co-authored by this pair, the children of the “Raw Family.” Their recipes are simple enough for average people to make without going looney tunes, and they are a great mix of flavors.