Online Resources

Mark these sitesBelow, you will find links to BLOGS, DIRECTORIES, FORUMS, RECIPES, and other RESOURCES to help you on your personal wellness journey. I have been careful to screen (and not include) sites which are more promotion than information, and also sites that have sexual or other contact. Please do look at your own risk, however, because I am not operating or officially endorsing any of the listed sites!

The blogs and websites below are in no particular order. Please do contact me if you have a great resource to add to the list.

I do want to note that if you have a website that is self-promoting but does not have a great amount of information on it, I would love to see it but will not be able to feature it on this list. Thank you! :)





  • Crazy Sexy Life — Kris Carr’s blog after surviving cancer & jumping into life



  • Raw Food Talk This site is run by Alissa Cohen and is based on her ideas about raw food; basically, as long as it’s raw, it’s fair game to talk about. But no discussing “old” dieting ideas like counting carbs, fat, calories, or anything else. This site is pretty active.
  • 30 Bananas a Day — Durian Rider tells me this forum for fruitarians is THE most active raw site on the Net!
  • Living-Foods This forum has been around for FOREVER and has quite a lot of information up.
  • Raw Freedom Community This site is has “caretakers” rather than moderators. Anything goes — but the community is full of members that are kind and respectful to one another. There is tons of information about recipes and general raw food and health discussion.
  • Raw Food Rehab — Penni Shelton’s online “rehab” forum, lots of support


  • Organic Living Food This is a great resource for finding cacao butter, cacao powder, and other bulk products at a “bargain”.
  • Raw Guru A wide variety of raw food products
  • Shop Organic A selection not only of organic raw products, but also all kinds of organic things. :)
  • Sirova — Joanna Steven’s shop with super foods & starter kits+
  • Nuts Online has a wide selection of nuts, some of which are raw. I would recommend checking with them before ordering “raw” almonds as they may be labeled as raw but not truly raw because of the bogus pasteurization laws currently in effect in the USA.
  • The Raw Food World
  • Sprouts: Sprout People (my fave!), Sprout Man, Sprout House
  • Cleanses: Dr. Natura, Blessed Herbs
  • Date People — Fabulous dates grown in Cali


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