{event} Martha’s Vineyard Uncooking 101 Vacation

    SOLD OUT! If you missed it and want to hear about future events, please make sure you are on our Love List. If you don’t get our emails, you can sign up at {http://rawnewsbites.com}. Thanks a bunch for your interest!! Love, Eva

    Also just a side note: You’ll see a number of food photos sprinkled here and there. These are actual photos taken at a past vacation. The recipes we share with you require only minimal preparation, use easy-to-find ingredients, and will quickly become family favorites because they’re that good!


    WHAT: A fun, all-inclusive raw foods adventure/community vacation

    Option 1: Sept 1-5 Start Sunday, September 1 at 5pm, leave Thursday, September 5 by 10am (Sunday through Thursday – 4 weekday nights including the Monday of Labor Day weekend)
    Option 2: Sept 5-8 Start Thursday, September 5 at 5pm, leave Sunday, September 8 by 10am (Thursday through Sunday – 1 weekday night and 2 weekend nights)

    WHERE: a private home on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, on the stunning island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, USA

    photo-21[Location Notes: There is an airport on the island - MVY - or you could fly into Boston - BOS - and then take a shuttle directly from the airport to the ferry boat that brings you to the island. Email or call us if you have questions that aren't answered on transportation!]

    WHY: Because you deserve it! And you want to learn. And feel good. And have fun. And do things that you would do if you only “lived once” (just in case).

    WHO: Anyone who 1) deserves a vacation 2) loves to eat 3) loves to learn 4) loves to feel vibrant 5) wants to be a part of something super awesome 6) is up for surprise adventures 7) would love to get hands-on in the kitchen with a group of awesome women and occasional men

    This was the most nourishing and loving thing I have done for myself in… forever!! … The recipes were awesome. The little kitchen and recipe tips were invaluable! There was not one thing I did not love about my time here!… Eva knows how to do it up right!”
    - Kathy Caulfield, Bridgeport, CT


    I tell you this after having hosted dozens of mini raw vacations. The men and women who are open to 1/ raw food and 2/ a raw vacation are the “creme de la creme”.

    The people who choose to come on these vacations, who say YES!, they are the kindest, most understanding, loving, fun, amazing people you could ever meet. The kind of people who remind me that “YEAH, this world is full of amazing people and definitely full of love!”


    Are you thinking of coming? Seriously thinking? Look in the mirror… I hope you realize that I probably just described… YOU.

    But more specifically, if at least ONE of the following fits your description, I’d say this vacation would be fabulous for you:

    • You could really use a fun vacation where you will have a blast, meet new people, and come back feeling BETTER than when you left! [Side note: You know how usually people come back home needing a vacation from their vacation? Because they ate so much crappy food and didn't have all their needs met? Sure is nice to do exactly the opposite and come home ready to tackle "real life" again!!]
    • You’ve wanted to check out the islands, Martha’s Vineyard in particular, but were never able to. You don’t want to explore it on your own, though, you want to enjoy it with an “insider” and enjoy the secret spots that you might never have found on your own.
    • You have recently heard about raw food, and you are ready to jump in but don’t know exactly how.
    • You have been researching raw food for a long time (possibly even years!) and have never “gone totally raw” because you are concerned (even scared!) about doing it the “wrong” way.
    • You are eating raw food, but you haven’t gotten that perfect “system” in place to make it super easy, every day, to stick to it.
    • You have tried every diet in the book — but the weight never stays off.
    • You don’t want to count calories, but you want to stay trim.
    • You have been raw for several months or years, but you are looking for ways to make raw food more interesting.
    • You keep trying to go raw, but the problem is support.
    • You are a raw food chef, and you are looking to learn from other educators and experience the truly unique teaching style.

    Martha’s Vineyard is my favorite place! I feel so relaxed and able to forget about what is going on at home. Truly a place to unwind for me. As mothers and women it’s so important to take ourselves here…

    Attending one of these community vacation will change your life positively in an emotional, mental and physical way. Best experience of your life! You will learn and take away so much from Eva and the group for all areas of your life!”
    - Joanne Raia, Tolland, CT



    Here is The Thing, the reason I (Eva) host these vacations. So many times, it’s easy to feel alone on this journey to becoming fully healthy, to finding TRUE freedom in health and well-being. And on top of it, there is a learning curve!

    Everything we do is designed to give you the information you need to have all those “AHA!” light bulbs go off left and right. This is when you see how easy this really can be!

    In fact, I’m amazed at just how much I learn at each event. In my raw food classes, I’ve been blessed to have doctors, nurses, teachers, full-time moms, farmers, and so many other beautiful spirits there to teach me while they learn.

    And you know why they come? Why we learn SO much from each other? When you are in your home environment, it’s easier to have the usual distractions pull you away from your goals. Sometimes, you have to get away to a place where you don’t have the usual distractions. And then all of the sudden, it is EASY to learn. And fun. It’s not just one more thing to do anymore.

    But it’s not just the info and the renewed confidence; there is so much to what we do! It’s the shortcuts. It’s the new ideas. It’s the support. It’s the friendships. It’s the other women (& the occasional man!) who come. We’re in it together! Helping each other.

    We do often have VERY experienced raw foodists who come along for these vacations. I am actually quite humbled in many cases, but happily humbled! Often the more experienced chefs and educators are looking for new ideas on how to share the message with others. I truly welcome other chefs and educators to check out how we do things. We are on the same team, to say the least!

    I’m 80/10/10, only because it’s easy for me, but my family doesn’t really like it because they are transitioning. The week helped me open my eyes to what else to make, that will help my family like raw better.”
    - Donna Davis

    And Frank Davis says “Try it, You will like it!”


    This vacation in September is our very first “community vacation.” It’s way different (in some ways) from what we’ve done in the past. Please read on to be sure if this is the right experience for you… or… not! :-)

    photo-23And just a side note… It was my plan not to do another retreat for YEARS… but there was such a cry-out in the community… that I did some brainstorming. And this, my friends, is my answer to the real need for us to do more raw vacations but the other real need for me to be the kind of mom I love to be to my sweet daughter Lilla. We’re just not ready to be totally apart for a full week at a time!

    So these differences are the ways you’ll find that I’ve found the perfect compromise:

    WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #1: There isn’t a set hour-by-hour agenda for how your time will be spent.

    That is… with the exception of when we come together for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast will be a self-serve buffet with a smooth(ie) operator between 7:30 and 9, and we’ll begin preparing dinner together at 5 then eat when it’s finished. (Lunch is picnic lunch. We’ll have everything ready for you to make your own and bring it with you OR to have it at the house whenever you’d like.)

    You want to show up in the kitchen earlier or later and fix yourself a meal or a snack? Cool. Go for it! You want to hit up the local tavern or buffet restaurant for dinner? It’s your prerogative!

    photo-4WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #2: Please clean up after yourself and pitch in!

    For most vacations, we’ve made a point of telling our guests, “No, no, no helping with dishes at all. You’re on vacation!” On many occasions we’ve even had daily room service with exotic raw chocolates left on the pillow…


    That is NOT what we’ll be doing with this one. This is a community vacation. You won’t have anyone waiting on you hand and foot. We all come together as a group just like you would with family or old college roommates getting together for an adventure. :-) We’ll make food together, whiz through the dishes together, and we’ll all pitch in, in an organized way.

    WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #3: We won’t have 5-10 hours/day of raw food classes.

    We WILL — for anyone who wants to — come together every day in the kitchen for dinner and each day make a different dinner together. (Recipes definitely included for all the main courses)

    We WILL — so you can bring the snackies home — provide you with recipes for the crackers, breads, croutons, and the grawnola we’ll have available during your stay.

    We WILL — so you can bring the indulgence home too — provide you with recipes for the parfaits, pancakes, and chocolates we’ll enjoy while you’re here.

    You don’t have to be raw!
    Anyone interested in FOOD would enjoy this!”
    - Christina Oery, Durham, NC

    WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #4: We won’t have a private yoga instructor or an official/local tour guide for a bike tour.

    We WILL — so we can all have bike adventures on our own OR as a group — have several hybrid rental bicycles available to you with locks and helmets. And I will gladly share with you my hands-down favorite island spots for bike adventures.

    You WILL — because the local buses here are AWESOME and go EVERYWHERE — have your own unlimited bus pass to use anytime.

    We WILL — because, well, it’s fun — probably end up breaking up into groups to check out different towns.

    We WILL be within walking distance to several yoga studios and even an easy ride to several Pilates studios as well.

    WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #5: You can fill the role of the teacher, the student, or both. Anytime.

    This is one of the values of coming together for a community vacation. We’re all together. No one is The Guru or The Teacher. You’ll have three (loving! experienced!) “facilitators”, Eva Rawposa included, who are very experienced with the ins and outs of the raw kitchen and raw lifestyle. But face it: We all have stuff to share AND stuff to learn!

    [The idea of having guest chefs was a] Fabulous idea! I believe my role as ‘guest chef’ was important the other people. It is another raw story shared, other recipes to prepare, and differing techniques and options with recipes, food prep, etc.”
    - Betsy Asmus, www.RawFoodBetsy.com

    [Note from Eva: Agreed! I have truly enjoyed having guest chefs and LOVE what each of us brings to the conversation and to each other!]

    WAY IT’S DIFFERENT #6: While this isn’t a “family”-centered vacation, children and families ARE welcome to join us.

    Message to parents who might like to bring kids: In the past, because of the tight agenda we’ve had, it simply wasn’t feasible to invite kids or families. In this setup, we can. You know if your kids would find this to be torture for them, or if they’d torture the other guests. You also know if they’d have a blast and fit right in with a group of mostly adults. We’d LOVE to have you AND your kids if you think it would be a good fit for the community.

    Message to those not bringing kids: If you’re “allergic” to kids (I’ve heard of such a thing – ha!)… don’t come. This simply may NOT be for you. If you’d be cool with the possibility that there will be a kid or few in attendance, great!

    Guaranteed, 100%, there will be at least ONE child around sometimes! My daughter Lilla will be 22 months old at the time of the community vacation, and when she’s not out and about with her daddy she will almost certainly be with me.


    If you think this would be a worthwhile experience for you, I hope you will come along for the trip of a lifetime! You will be so thankful you did!

    All the details are below.

    See you soon I hope, in one place or another!
    :) xxo Eva



    • ALL INCLUSIVE ~ including transportation, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, ample snacks and goodies, and drinks) and accommodation
    • A special recipe bonus book includes Eva’s FABULOUS Easiest Bread Ever, the dough aka The Chameleon Dough which can be adjusted slightly (we’ll show you how) to make sweet OR savory bread, croutons, crackers, burritos, and more. It’s wild!
    • Take home materials for mini classes on the following: pizza, calzones, sensational salads and soups, breads, crackers, ice cream, desserts, nut milks, smoothies, sprouting, juices, chocolate, fermented foods, and more!
    • Connect with other raw foodies (or else at least raw-friendly folks!) and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals

    Thank you for feeding not only my heart, but my soul. I loved it ALL! I enjoyed our long and intense conversations at the dinner table. I loved the open communication while preparing the food. I adored Eva’s sincerity and ‘raw’ down-to-earth personality.”
    - Marguerite LaLonde, Pacific Palisades, CA


    • Breakfast is buffet style with cereals, nut milks, smoothies, pancakes, even Eva’s famous “breakfast burritos”
    • Lunch options will knock your socks off too, including RAW sandwiches, salads that need a more exciting name than “just” “salads”, wraps, and more
    • Delicious snacks and tea waiting for you to enjoy as needed
    • Fabulous pastas, personal pizzas, stuffed tomatoes, and more on the menu to indulge, then finish off with more indulgence at dessert!
    • The greatest part: You will have SO MANY RECIPES to take home with you. AND you will be there for the hands-on food prep to totally get EXACTLY how all of it is made!!


    photo-10Now it’s time to talk value.

    Remember… we’re talking… the vacation of a lifetime… lots of adventure… with Master Chef Eva Rawposa
    + two surprise guest chefs (click here to apply to be a guest chef/facilitator)
    + 9 new friends who in many ways are our other surprise guest chefs :-)
    + tons of recipes to take home
    + shiny hybrid bikes available for you to use
    + all meals included
    + unlimited bus pass
    + clean + lovely + comfortable overnight accommodations
    + surprise adventures

    Because this is a community vacation
    Because we won’t be hiring a housekeeping staff to clean your dishes…
    Because it’s just… different

    The value is different too.

    I don’t know if this will be something we do again… Or if we will go back to our usual vacation model of hosting retreats with agendas (one day when my daughter and I are ready to be away from each other for most of a whole week).

    But I do know that I’m really excited. And grateful for the (many!) people who spoke up to tell me they were sad + disappointed they couldn’t come to one of our vacations… The truth is I was sad at the idea too so I’m really extra grateful we can make this happen in a win-win way (and on a tighter budget at that!).

    What a great opportunity to get away from life and spend time with like-minded people sharing amazing food, ideas, and inspiration, and learning at the same time from one another! [What would I like to see less of?] Really… nothing! :-) I thought the whole week was just amazing!
    - Summer Bagley, Roscoe, IL



    Charge Options include major cards and PayPal

    SEPTEMBER 1-5:

    1 person2 people

    NOTE: As you will see in your shopping cart, the buttons ABOVE are for September 1-5, and the buttons BELOW are for September 5-8.

    SEPTEMBER 5-8:

    1 person2 people

    *Pricing assumes double occupancy. Booking a spot for 1 person will include a private bed in a shared room with one other person of the same sex. Booking a spot for 2 people coming together assumes you will be in a shared room with a king or full/queen-sized bed. If you desire a private room, you may book using the button above for TWO people with the coupon code oneperson to discount the price by $100.


    Option 1: Sun-Thu, Sept 1-5 Check-in is Sun, Sept 1 at 5pm (or by 8 at latest, please). Check-out is Thu, Sept 5 by 10am BUT you are welcome to stay on island for the full day and store your bags with us on Thursday! [Note: Many people choose to stay and enjoy the island on the last day, so you may want to plan for that if it appeals to you.]

    Option 2: Thu-Sun, Sept 5-8 Check-in is Thu, Sept 5 at 5pm (or by 8 at latest, please). Check-out is Sun, Sept 8 by 10am. You are welcome to arrive early to stay on island for the full day and store your bags with us on Thursday! Check-out on Sunday, however, is firm.


    Your best bet for getting here is going to be to fly into Boston, then take the bus operated by Peter Pan/Bonanza straight from the airport. This will drop you off right at the ferry. We are right there within walking distance of the ferry!


    Martha's Vineyard


    It’s a quaint and magical island 7 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. It’s not a Vineyard, although there once was a working Vineyard on the island. Legend has it there was a Martha, but detailed research points to a MARTIN rather than Martha!

    Here is what you will find in the island’s 6 distinctly different towns:

    The HarborVineyard Haven — The year-round gateway to the Vineyard with ferries running year round — Home to Owen Park Beach, the Katharine Cornell Theatre, West Chop (and its lighthouse), Lake Tashmoo, and plentiful sailboats anchored here, there, and everywhere

    Oak Bluffs — Home to Lagoon Pond, the ridiculously cute gingerbread houses at the Campground Meeting Association, the oldest operating carousel in the USA, the beautiful vistas en route from OB to Edgartown (like true paradise!), and Ocean Park with the gazebo I just love

    Edgartown LighthouseEdgartown — the elegant town known for its many whaling captains and the lovely homes they built, Chappy and the On-Time ferry, South Beach, Katama, and the big fancy yachts in the harbor — My husband and I were married at the picturesque Edgartown lighthouse (pictured at right)

    West Tisbury — home to the annual Ag Fair as a mostly rural farming community — Business district looks like a traditional New England town with farm stands, Alley’s General Store — Could pull this town right out of the 19th century!

    Chilmark — another farming town, but this one with a high percentage of secret, hidden homes for vacationing movie stars, authors, and high-power biz execs — also home to the performing arts center The Yard and the cute fishing village of Menemsha where much of the movie Jaws was filmed

    Aquinnah CliffsAquinnah (also called Gay Head) — stunning vistas at the top of the Gay Head Cliffs (pictured at left) — absurdly beautiful and unexpected if you are visiting only the 3 “down-island” towns — home to the island’s only (somewhat unofficial) “naked beach” as well as the Wampanoag Indian Tribe — a truly magical trip to come to Aquinnah and visit the cliffs



    Charge Options include major cards and PayPal

    SEPTEMBER 1-5:

    1 person2 people

    NOTE: As you will see in your shopping cart, the buttons ABOVE are for September 1-5, and the buttons BELOW are for September 5-8.

    SEPTEMBER 5-8:

    1 person2 people

    *Pricing assumes double occupancy. Booking a spot for 1 person will include a private bed in a shared room with one other person of the same sex. Booking a spot for 2 people coming together assumes you will be in a shared room with a king or full/queen-sized bed. If you desire a private room, you may book using the button above for TWO people with the coupon code oneperson to discount the price by $100.