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This training is officially SOLD OUT! We will do another one at some point in the near future, so go ahead and {click here to add your name} if you have interest in sharing raw with others. (AH, and by the way, we will occasionally send you business tips at no charge or even look into case studies of other raw businesses. :-) )

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Cheers to Good HealthJanuary 2013

It’s Eva Rawposa here, your official guide on this fabulous journey. And BOY, have I got some news for YOU!

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the teacher training! Let’s talk about doing business and teaching about raw food, from the heart. But not just doing business, sharing in general. If you have been on this journey for any amount of time, you know that raw food is the sort of thing that is next to impossible to keep to yourself. Especially when others around you express interest in it. It’s a JOY to share!

If you are sharing it and loving it, well, HALLELUJAH no matter the details! As I write this to you, I am smiling just picturing my friends all over the world sharing this love with others in all their unique styles. I actually even just lifted my tapping, excited, typing fingers off the keyboard to give a little clap to go along with my big smile! (No, really! Ha!)

I have to tell you a snippet of my story to help you understand why this is so important to me… I personally had the following issues (and more, actually) just before going raw: ulcers * acne * ADHD * depression * gas * mood swings * fatigue * (and I could go on…)

After just a few days raw, it seemed like a MIRACLE… everything was fine again… except it wasn’t even just “fine”. It’s like the birds were chirping just for me, and the sun was shining down, and the clouds were nowhere to be found. Literally and figuratively, it seemed! My whole life just *BAM* changed for the better. Not just my health, but my overall sense of inexplicable joy, pure satisfaction with what I already have, and freedom from all the mindset issues that held me back.

And life just keeps on getting better.

I was lucky and SO BLESSED to have found this when I did. Who knows where I would be now? Would I be here? Would my marriage have made it? Would my baby be so healthy and vibrant? Would I be happy?

I never know whose life will be saved by sharing this, but I know mine was. Every day I am thankful I stumbled on this, for the freedom, joy, and total health I have found as a result. This is why we teach, because everyone deserves freedom and good health. We have the power to share that, which is so beautiful!

If we teach the classes well… If we teach them in a way that light bulbs go off, and raw food really *is* easy… what will NOT happen to our loved ones and clients? Who will NOT have that heart attack? Who will NOT end up with cancer in a few years? Who will live to see his daughter walk down the aisle instead of being sorely missed on that special day? Who will live to be an active and fun-spirited grandmother?

Most days, I receive AT LEAST one or two emails from people who want me to know their lives are changing, or that they are just generally appreciative of what we’re doing. Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like my life matters… like what we are doing has real meaning! What other kind of “work” could come close to this level of satisfaction? How can we know who could have been saved from a heart attack or diabetes or cancer or… even just the BLAH feeling so many people seem to have?

I know if you have a passion for this, you need the right tools to share this successfully. And the support and momentum to keep it going. Clearly that’s much better than letting the passion fizzle because it’s too much of a learning curve to figure out all the many details!

I really want help you pass this on in the best way you possibly can, a way that serves you and your loved ones (whether they be friends, family or clients) in the way most fits YOU. I can’t even fully express JUST how much I want to help you. I want to give you all of the following:

  1. the tools you need to share effectively (things like cheat sheets, class outlines and materials, some starter marketing ideas, etc.)
  2. the AHA! moments that help you “get” what other people need to understand This Raw Food Thing (because honestly, what use is good marketing if people come to your classes but don’t leave inspired to make magic?!)
  3. the guts and the confidence for it all, from marketing to teaching!

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Note: Any of the following could be true, and you would make a decent fit. Ideally, however, all or at least two of the following are true to make you an ideal teacher.

purple-checkmarkYou have been touched by the healing, weight loss, added clarity, or other benefits from living a raw or high-raw lifestyle.

purple-checkmarkYou want to share it with others effectively, and have a heart for seeing them enjoy life and health more fully.

purple-checkmarkYou are interested in potentially creating (or adding to!) a successful full- or part-time business helping others with their health.

Because we’ll guide you through learning and then teaching the course, and the support built into the program, no “ideals” or requirements exist for how long you have been a raw food enthusiast.

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Note: This section is meant to give you an overview of the program and what it includes, but you will find even more detailed info as you continue reading.

purple-checkmarkStudent’s Guide & CDs DVDs An intro to the raw food lifestyle, meant to be followed along with the accompanying DVDs. Plenty of tips and tricks, with the goal of you seeing better the student’s perspective in the class you will teach. Note: This originally was going to be CDs, but we upgraded to DVDs so you would REALLY have the chance to see the student’s perspective. The CDs honestly just didn’t seem to be good enough, and we TRULY want you to have all you need to succeed with this!!

purple-checkmarkTeacher’s Guide Laminated and professionally bound so you’ll be able to easily use it before and during your class. With shopping lists, planning guides, and other tools to help you plan for, teach, and stay on schedule when teaching.

purple-checkmarkPermission to Teach You’ll have permission to teach the uncooking101 class as part of completing the program successfully. No commissions to be paid when you teach — you keep all profit generated from getting the message out and helping others!

purple-checkmarkTemplates, marketing plans, check lists, quick-start guide, registration forms, etc… even materials you can share with clients as freebies (meal plans, info guides, etc.) and adjust to your liking. SERIOUSLY everything you need to make things happen easily!

purple-checkmarkBONUS! Free membership in The Uncooking Club for the duration of the training. This includes programs like the Raw Food Jump-Start, Uncooking 101, the Healthy Business modules (priceless!!), and an AMAZING community to tap into!

purple-checkmarkBONUS! March’s live “make-it-happen” action-based training, including Q&A, coaching, an Action Buddy, Mastermind Group, and short-but-packed, get ya movin’, classes. (Starting March 4 — every Monday from 4-5pm EST — all classes are private but recorded.)

purple-checkmarkBONUS! A lifetime website. (No joke!) WE will do the work to build your website and share it on the Uncooking 101 directory for men and women who are looking for teachers in your area. (Your ideal clients — looking for YOU!)


You can thank my mom later if you’d like to. Setting HER business up gave me a flash of inspiration about the challenges we share in this tech age. For YOU, our GIFT, we will have added the following. We (Venita, myself which would be Eva, or Rebecca) will give you TWO hours of our UNDIVIDED smack-down-challenges attention.

For my mom, in two hours, this is what we did: We created a gorgeous, spirited, unique, fully functioning website, shopping cart, Facebook fan page, offerings, info, etc. Everything about it has her personality all over it, and it feels so good. You may have a website already but could use an upgraded look, shopping cart, marketing plan. Whatever we can do for you, We WILL.

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I’ve worked with Eva off and on for a few years now, so I’ve had the honor and pleasure of being up-close-and-personal with many of the things she’s worked her tail off on in order to bring raw food simplicity and deliciousness to the world.

So when I discovered that she was going to be providing a raw food e-course for would-be raw teachers, I knew exactly how amazing it would be, and signed up immediately.

This is the very best thing she’s ever done, and I say this without hesitation. Not only is it informative and helpful in learning Eva’s very best recipes (and believe me, I have tried MOST of them), but it also teaches you how to teach those recipes. It also gives you a comprehensive, step-by-step program for starting your own raw food business – from setting up a website, to creating your own brand, to utilizing social media to get the word out. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps my favorite part of the program was being introduced to Eva’s HEX method, for creating a delicious recipe every time. This information has been invaluable to me and gave me the confidence I needed to adventure in the kitchen. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Venita Maldonado, Morgan Hill, CA

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All written materials are physical (such as your laminated teacher’s guide) and will be fast shipped to you. In the case of the weekly “make it happen!” classes during the month of March, your materials will be online and by phone. EVERYTHING can be downloaded to your computer for your own convenience, however, so you may fit this into YOUR schedule!

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All of these great tools will be priority mailed directly to your mailing address…

{VALUE NOTE: $199+}

I really have no idea how to put a value on this one. It’s just sooo helpful!

Here are some of the many details included in your teacher’s guide:

  • Your countdown calendar to prepare for the class, with marketing, shopping, printing, and every important detail taken into consideration
  • A shopping checklist for your class
  • Extra hints and tips for each recipe to help you teach it like a pro
  • And more… This is your perfect guide to use in class… spilling whatever you spill with just a quick wipe-off needed to use this one over and over without a hitch

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{VALUE NOTE: $299+}

This is ONLY available to teachers. It could literally save you thousands in website design, administrative help, time spent NOT teaching classes or getting the word out. Here is just snippet of the gems you will find in this book:

  • how/where to find your best clients
  • which social media do you really need?
  • how to build your website fast & cheap
  • how to keep in touch without pestering
  • THE hands-down BEST way to build referrals
  • biz cheat cheat {for newbies and beyond}

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{VALUE NOTE: $499+}

This too is seriously priceless. It includes ALL of the following and actually even a few surprises because it is just too much for me to list it all here!!

  • A walk-through of each recipe and idea, covered on two (professionally shot) DVDs with more than 2 hours of coverage about what raw is, the recipes, the equipment, and more. They make it feel like we are right there together in the kitchen
  • Fully editable Microsoft Word templates for a short class AND a long class (both with an automatically updated professional table of contents to add whatever topics and recipes you would like, easily)
  • Fully editable Microsoft Word templates for several different registration forms
  • Fully editable Microsoft Word templates for collecting email signups, an attendance sheet, an after-class survey, and MORE!

The idea behind these valuable templates is so you can skip the learning curve and simply edit the forms to include your own information. Of course you can also change the questions or colors or anything else to suit your own preferences.

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{VALUE NOTE: $129+}

As part of completing this program, you will be awarded with a professional certificate mailed to you to show to others that you are certified as a living foods chef.

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purple-checkmarkOne of the GREATEST things about this program for those of you on a tighter budget, is that it is not meant to cost you even a penny in the end. It is meant to both MAKE you money and help to you to HELP others! Keep reading for more on that!

purple-checkmarkYou teach ONE class to only TWELVE people, and you’ve already made back the cost of attending the program PLUS the cost of the food you taught. (Not to mention, you’ll probably have yummy leftovers, but I’m not calculating that in!)

purple-checkmarkThen you add in the marketing help, the support from your peers and the staff at Uncooking101, and you are really building your business way faster than you might have ever thought possible, and helping people faster too. That’s the point, ya know?!

purple-checkmarkOf course we can’t put any monetary value points on the feeling of doing an even better job helping others, with building a more successful business (or starting one!), or with personal satisfaction.

For what we can calculate, here’s a breakdown for you:

  • Your First Class, Revenue for 9+ Students $129 x 9+ = $1161+
  • The Standard Program Components $500+

The very last reason to skip this offering, would be “The Money Thing”. The details on exact investment costs are below, but it is clearly a super value and an investment you really can’t turn down. Not if you want to help others and help yourself in the process!

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Studying with Eva has seriously taken my Raw Business and profile to the next level. I thought I was going to be just learning a bunch of recipes and how to do it when I signed up for the 2011 training, but I was totally wrong!

We covered what to put on our websites, marketing, and a million zillion things I would have never thought of! Now I feel totally confident to go out there and spread the good news of raw food and create a business for myself…

The opportunities keep coming! It’s almost not up to me anymore, the public wants and needs this info!

I’ve trained with many different teachers over the years but none as fun and generous as Eva. The other thing that has happily surprised me is that usually when a course ends… like magic… you’re out on your own… Not so with Eva. I still feel supported and cared for by her, and she regularly keeps us up to date and does everything in her power and more to encourage us to be the best we can be…

I’m gushing a bit, but I truly mean every word THE BEST………EVER……..IS………EVA!!!!

I’d tell someone trying to decide whether to do the course or not to JUST DO IT. I remember trying to decide… and if I knew then what I know now, there would have been ZERO hesitation!

Heather Gardner, Ireland and UK


[Note: You'll use the below info on your own website or on your teacher site within uncooking101.com. Either way know this class and the advertisements for it are BOTH designed to appeal to the senses and to help your future students IMMENSELY with making some SUPER transformations both in life and in the kitchen!]


the class that will demystify raw food.

A lucky find for beginners, but even experienced raw food enthusiasts will find new information in this flavor- and action-filled class!




Your first several treats include drinks that nourish you, indulge you, satisfy you & even trick you!

* Multiple Nut Milks. One option takes literally 2 minutes, start to finish, and requires only a blender! We will also enjoy the “usual” raw variety of almond milk, but having an alternative like our 2-minute easy milk is such a lifesaver!
* Multiple (Dairy-free) Milkshakes. These will knock your socks off and satisfy anyone. We’re talking raw vegan shakes that anyone (yes, ANYONE) would adore!
* A kickin’ Fruit Smoothie & a “Green” Smoothie that isn’t even green. Plus, why even those on a standard diet need this one drink to kick their health into high gear (painlessly!).

Early Summer Salad

The Uncooking School

Easy Burritos

Next we’ll completely destroy the idea that salads & green-based meals are b-o-r-i-n-g.

* A truly Sensational Salad & Refreshing Vinaigrette Dressing, with a Rich Pate to top it off. Each of these recipes can be separated — the pate would work well as a dip or even in a veggie wrap. We’ll show you how to use the whole lemon to make a creamy (yet totally nut-, seed- and dairy-free) vinaigrette you will use over and over, and the salad itself is just as lovely!

* The Easiest Burrito Wrap Ever. But this isn’t just about the wrap. We’ll cover how to make sure you have exactly what you need to 1/ habitually be as raw as you want to be without a struggle and 2/ use these handy items to whip up a meal quickly, anytime.

Cream of Mushroom

Pumpkin Pesto

Raisin Walnut Truffles

For a few final indulgences, we have two potluck favorites (the truffles and pasta seem to be making their rounds at potlucks all over the world!) and a creamy soup that would put almost any traditionally creamy soup to shame.

You’ll learn why the pesto pasta is one countless people have called the “best they ever had”… and you will laugh as you see it takes just a few minutes to whip it together with some of the least expensive ingredients in the store!

And then, when you think it couldn’t possibly get better we’ll make a dessert that takes about 5 minutes (or 10 if you don’t have a friend to help you with the fun part!) and can be transformed from 1 type of truffles into countless others and even donut holes that actually taste like, well, donut holes. (Seriously. We couldn’t even make something like this up!)

Other great topics include:

  • what raw is
  • (and isn’t! Which could surprise you!)
  • some tricks to making it easier than you ever thought possible… no matter HOW long you’ve been on this journey, curious, or dabbling.

Our goal is to make raw food easy without sacrificing the flavor or that wonderful feeling of indulgence that won’t let you down when you’re done thoroughly enjoying yourself!

The investment for this action- flavor- and fun-packed class is only $129, which includes all food and materials.

Please come hungry!

[end class description]

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Some of your materials are customized specifically to you, but others are not. You’ll receive all the materials possible, right away. For the other items (like your customized teacher guides and the printed marketing guide), we will mail them to you within days of signing up.


Pay for your package (major credit cards accepted), and you’re READY TO ROLL. It’s that simple. We will get EVERYTHING to you and make it super easy to follow. Promise!


Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.

This training is officially SOLD OUT! We will do another one at some point in the near future, so go ahead and {click here to add your name} if you have interest in sharing raw with others. (AH, and by the way, we will occasionally send you business tips at no charge or even look into case studies of other raw businesses. :-) )

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Absolutely, you will be qualified to teach the Uncooking 101 class, if the following are true:

  • You are on this journey yourself, and you’re excited about raw food and its benefits.
  • You complete the program we have laid out for you and take advantage of the support.

That’s it. When I first went raw, I was not a gourmet chef transitioning to raw. I did have my specialties, but for most dishes I was a total beginner. Not only did I have to go buy a food processor to follow some of the recipes, I didn’t even know what one was. It was because I had to learn everything from scratch that I ended up understanding better what people were going through as they transitioned to raw foods. Some people are used to buying everything from a box! It’s not uncommon these days. But even those people (like myself!) can get over the learning curve.

Wherever you are starting from, I promise you that it is A-OK as long as you complete the program and have your heart in this. The rest will follow, including the people who come up to you after a class to thank you… the ones with tears in their eyes who KNOW this is the path for them but just needed to know they could make it easy!


Because the classes are so established, I honestly almost never receive this question. But I’ll answer it anyways… Here we go. I am going to skip some of my details but include the more pertinent reasons I am beyond qualified to teach a program of this nature.


  • Director of Marketing & Development for a multi-million dollar educational company
  • Teacher for the Department of Education
  • Published author


  • Creator of Uncooking 101 & The Uncooking School
  • Spread raw food info to thousands via distance and in-person classes and retreats
  • Creator of more than 30 different classes on raw food
  • Certified as a raw food chef and teacher, certifying others since 2007
  • Featured in Valya Boutenko’s video “Reversing the Irreversible”
  • Contributing Editor for Purely Delicious raw food magazine
  • Personally trained by the following chefs:
    • Chad Sarno Author of “Vital Creations,” he has been referred to by Woody Harrelson as “without question the greatest raw food chef alive” and is a raw recipe mastermind!
    • Russell James Teacher at the Matthew Kenney Academy (formerly 105 Degrees Academy). Known as “the raw chef”, he is considered to be the UK’s leading chef.
    • Rawbert Reed Owner of Rawbert’s Organic Garden, one of the world’s longest operating raw food restaurants.
    • Alissa Cohen Author of Raw Food for Everyone & Living on Live Food. Former owner of popular raw food restaurant chain “Grezzo”.
    • Adrienne Martin Creator of the 50/50 Diet Plan, taught my very first raw food class.
    • …and several more I could go on. These just happen to have been some of my favorite teachers, but I have traveled all over the world just to train with the best of the best!

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Simone SamuelsEva’s Uncooking 101 Teacher Training course is excellent value for anyone who wants to become a raw food chef or who wants to build their business as a holistic health professional. Eva takes you step by step through the whole process of building a successful and thriving business, and incorporates marketing alongside raw chef coaching in such a way that is easy to learn and understand. The value of the materials and the very personalized teaching is worth much more than the advertised price tag- Eva over-delivered on all my expectations.

For anyone who is thinking about doing the teacher training course, I would say- do it! The materials that you get are clear, colourful and extremely useful- especially the laminated run sheets for classes and the laminated teacher guides. These make teaching your first class really straightforward, and I have used them now many times. In addition to the helpful training DVDs that show you how to teach a class, Eva also sets you up with the knowledge you need to set up and start teaching classes, and the business guide is like gold for a budding business person. You will even get your own website, which is great for people who are not confident with starting on the technology side of a business.

In the program, there is also plenty of support along the way, so you will never feel lost. Even though I was based outside of the USA I never felt alone as I embarked on my journey. The online forums were a good place to sound out ideas to other teachers in- training, and the weekly calls were also informative.

Eva’s teacher training course was practical, useful and informative in its entirety and it really moved me into action and doing instead of just ruminating and theorizing. It has made my hobby into something a lot more serious and gave me the focus I needed to get my business moving. I have already earned back the cost of the course through running successful raw food classes which I never would have got off the ground without the guidance and support I received. This program is definitely worth the time and investment.

- Simone Samuels, The Raw Warung, www.therawwarung.com

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30-Day GuaranteeIf you want to share raw food with others, I believe there is no better program available, with anyone, anywhere, than what we are offering. It is an outstanding value, but more importantly it offers you everything you could possibly need to really jump in. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine saying “no”!

Know that, no matter what, in the end this program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee because we know what works and have designed every piece of this program with that in mind. If you complete the program (including super-easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on preparing for, teaching, and marketing your classes) and it was not enough to share this successfully, we will give back 100% of what you paid after you have returned the files to us. PLUS $100 FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. NO JOKE. Simple as that.

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Will you do this program again?
ABSOLUTELY! I (Eva) take so much pleasure from seeing women around the world sharing this effectively within their local areas. (Actually some teachers travel and do online programs too — such a small world!!) So I’d be sad indeed if we didn’t do it again. You can (almost) count on it. HOWEVER, I can’t say when the next time will be.

I wish I did but just don’t have the money for this program right now. What about The Uncooking Club? Is there business info with that?
We actually DO include some business info in {The Uncooking Club}. It’s part of our mission to spread this effectively!! Included with THIS offering but NOT in the club are: a guided program, permission to teach the class, the templates, certification, mastermind, or the website and other done-for-you materials. For a REALLY tight budget where it would be near impossible to do this (although I’m told “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I totally believe it!)… ABSOLUTELY The Uncooking Club is a beautiful alternative option. :-)

How does this work?
We’ll meet weekly in organized private group phone calls, have joyful and do-able work to do to make our one goal happen, and by the end of the month we will each have met our most exciting goals. The teacher training side of things is at your own pace, but because about half of those joining us for this program will be on that path, if that’s your goal for the month (to be teaching by the month’s end) you’ll be partnered with other women shooting for the same goal.

What is a mastermind?
A mastermind can be defined in many ways, I’m sure, so I’ll just explain what we’re doing. During the month of March, we’ll be meeting weekly with other women who are on the same path with the goal of working together to move forward more joyfully and efficiently. Sorta like 1 woman trying to push a car out of a ditch versus 5. The 5 will always do a better job if they are pushing and working together.

What if I don’t want to be a raw food teacher? What if I just want to go raw?
I’m surprised that several women have signed up for this training for that specific reason. Because of that, we’re already created a workbook and materials to help facilitate that and make it WAY easier on you!

And of course, to teach raw effectively, all teachers start first as students. So completing this student manual will bring you significantly closer to the goal of teaching.

I’m in Australia. Will this work for me?
We have women all of the world joining us, including from Australia, the USA, and the UK. You’ll be in good company no matter what!

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This training is officially SOLD OUT! We will do another one at some point in the near future, so go ahead and {click here to add your name} if you have interest in sharing raw with others. (AH, and by the way, we will occasionally send you business tips at no charge or even look into case studies of other raw businesses. :-) )

Payment Note: We’ve just upgraded our shopping cart software (a HUGE upgrade!) to serve you better. At this moment, the software is setup to take only Visa or MasterCard. We CAN, however, accept PayPal, check, money order, Discover and AmEx. If you need to pay with one of those methods, one of our team members can help you out.

To contact a member of our team:
phone (toll-free or local): (800) 264-8941 | (904) 271-2350 ext. 0
email (to reach our full team): info@uncooking101.com