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So even though the Diva (The “Avocado Diva” that is! I’ll tell you who she is in a sec) told me WEEKS ago that for the month of April she’d do something super-nice for our readers, I’m only just now telling you about it.

To be really clear… there are VERY occasional times when I’m an “affiliate” but I like to be straight up about that… and there are times that I’m simply passing on a good thing and don’t get a thing out of it but satisfaction of knowing I shared something super-cool with you.

This is one of those “I just think this is Awesome” times.

So look, I have lots of lofty ideas about food. (I didn’t used to.) I guess I want it all.

But it’s not so simple. An avocado is not just an avocado. A tomato is not just a tomato. You’ve got a lot of components, like chemicals, pesticides, local food, the nutrition, the flavor, etc.

Here in Massachusetts, if we find an avocado, it comes from Mexico. (Is that where they come from where you are too?) I have nothing against Mexico!

But my preference in the world of avocados is to get them from California, from someone I know and trust, and with flavor more unique and/or interesting and/or sophisticated than the “usual” Hass variety you see in pretty much every supermarket.

So, the “Diva” (meaning {The Avocado Diva}) has been telling me for months that I really need to try her heritage avocados. She sources out TONS of varieties from really small local California farms. Finally I broke down, and my gracious. They were amAzing!


AFTER I tried them, I immediately emailed The Diva and pretty much told her that my entire world changed nearly over a few avocados. OK, I’m being dramatic. But I really can’t see the avocados in the store the same way.

Sure enough, I’m hooked. I’m now officially in {The Ultimate Diva Club}. But you already knew that. Ha! Just kidding I’m not really a “diva” except with the avocado thing I guess. :-)

If you want to join too, the Diva will give you your THIRD month free in the {Diva Club} or the {Ultimate Diva Club}. This is ONLY valid if you join The Club by the end of April (next week!).

Super cool, in any case.

Anyways, again, not a sales pitch. I don’t even get extra avocados for telling you. This is my own thing. Just thought I’d share.

(And I’m soooo sorry for those of you in all the other countries outside of the USA who probably can’t order them!)

For EVERYONE, if you love avocados like I do, EVEN if not from the Diva, {here are some recipes for ya}.

If you try the Diva Avocados, lemme know! :-)

Sharing is caring! ;-)

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