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Beet with GreensMy sweet husband Carlos made us the loveliest beet juice today mixed with carrot juice, ginger juice, and a touch of lime. YUM! Since I’ll be having the baby any day/week/time now, we’re upping my iron content big time.

(It’s quite common from pregnant women to develop anemia in the final stages of pregnancy, but this is an important thing to be careful of in general. Women, thanks to menstruation, lose some of their iron each month and need to be sure to take in a good amount to counteract that!)

SO, beets being rich in iron, he whipped up some juice today. Beet leaves, in particular, are even HIGHER in iron than the root, so we saved those for a green smoothie to really up it a notch! Here are some tips I thought you may enjoy…

Be careful not to stain
Beets are so vibrant — but be careful not to color yourself or your counters the color of the beets. There is a reason beets are often used for food coloring! Wash anything immediately that comes into contact with beets.

How to use the leaves and spines
The leaves at the top of beets are wonderful to toss into a green smoothie (which will often turn red like a strawberry smoothie when beets are added). The spine on the leaves can be juiced and produces quite a lot of juice.

Remove the skin for a sweeter taste
When juicing beets or using them in any recipe, it is really important to remove the peel. That final layer is quite bitter, but everything inside is sweet and tasty. This will make a huge difference in taste!

Some other juice recipes
A wonderful sweet juice: 1 large beet, the spines from that beet’s leaves, 3-4 large carrots, 2 apples, and about a teaspoon of lemon juice added. A savory juice: 1 large beet, the spines from that beet’s leaves, half of a yellow onion, 3-4 large carrots, and about 1/4 of a head of red cabbage (cut into large chunks to juice in a centrifugal juicer), and about 1 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice added.

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