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Believe it or not, mangos are actually from the same family as the cashew and pistachio. They are a sweet fruit with a bit of a ZING to them. Do not be surprised when someone tells you for the first time that they taste amazing in combination with an avocado! Throw in some cilantro and lime juice and prepare for a real treat.

Mangos are good for a great number of things, not the least of which is cancer prevention. This digestive aid is also rich in B vitamins, vitamins E & C, carotenes, copper, potassium and magnesium. Mangos have also been shown to reduce the formation of kidney stones.

Ripe mangos are very aromatic (give them a good whiff!), should give in to gentle pressure, and shouldn’t have any dark spots or bruises. The color isn’t overly important, but a super-green, hard mango probably won’t ripen fully if it’s already been plucked from its birthplace. Choose the right mango, however, and you’ll have yourself a tasty treat!


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