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Cherry Green SmoothieSo easy, and this thing is seriously like candy! PLUS, we used the leftover kale stems from last night when I made a massaged kale salad. (Although obviously you could change it up and use whatever YOU have on hand!)


2 bananas
12 ounces frozen cherries
5 kale stems without leaves + 2 kale stems with leaves
1 cup water




Calories: 434
Fat: 3.2 g
Protein: 10.1 g
Carbohydrates: 104.8 g
Calcium: 237.8 mg (24% RDA)
Vitamin A: 1187.2 mcg (170% RDA)

Vitamin C: 187.1 mg (249% RDA)
Vitamin D: –
Vitamin E: 0.41 mg (3% RDA)
Cholesterol: –
Copper: 0.88 mg (98% RDA)
Iron: 4.7 mg (26% RDA)

Magnesium: 140.2 mg (44% RDA)
Niacin: 3.4 mg (24% RDA)
Phosphorus: 181.4 mg (26% RDA)
Potassium: 1866.0 mg (40% RDA)
Sodium: 64.3 mg (4% RDA)
Zinc: 1.3 mg (16% RDA)



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