{recipe} 5-minute Chocolate Truffles! (and also… what I did when friend said raw food is “difficult”!)


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CHOCOLATE raisin walnut truffles!VERY FUNNY stuff… Last night we had some friends over for dinner. I’d already eaten some {collard wraps} (which were delicious but so easy!) when my husband (his name is Carlos) started cooking his own dinner.

He ended up on the phone with a friend and the next thing you know, invited our friend and his wife for dinner. Ten or so minutes later, they were here and eating! :-)

When they were finished eating, it was ideally time for dessert, but we didn’t have anything on hand. Raw food came up (I didn’t bring it up, usually don’t actually…), and Carlos suggested I just make something for everyone.

His friend said, “NO, that’s OK, because it’s so HARD to make raw food from scratch.”

I didn’t even say anything… didn’t let on a hint that I was going to whip something up… just decided to take that as a challenge.

I KID YOU NOT, FIVE MINUTES LATER, everyone was mmmmming at chocolate truffles. FIVE MINUTES.

I never did say, “No, raw food is easy.” “No, that’s not true. It’s not hard.”

I just, you know, made some food to share. Which took sooo little time. And, they LOVED. And ate several of. And brought some home for their son.

I felt like this was a triumph of sorts.

Anyways, here’s the recipe… (which you’ll notice is based on the {raisin walnut truffle raw food recipe}


3 cups dry walnuts
3 cups raisins
1 tsp vanilla powder
1/8 tsp sea salt

INSTRUCTIONS: Food process together until this forms a dough.


2 Tbsp carob powder (or cacao/cocoa powder if you prefer)
1 Tbsp cacao nibs

INSTRUCTIONS Roll dough into balls of whatever size you like, then roll in the covering.

Voila! Chocolate Truffles! :-)

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