{raw food recipe} Cucumber Tomato Salad (with my magic dressing)


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It’s that time of year when the tomatoes from our local farms begin to appear, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing how a few simple things — fresh, local, heirloom tomatoes, local cucumbers, and my magic dressing… can come together in moments for a light and easy “dinner” that pops. (Disclaimer: I also had a bunch of local peaches before I made this, so this was not a full dinner for me. :) )

1 large cucumber, sliced in quarters
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup magic dressing*
topped with paprika, mostly because I love the look of it :-)

Seriously just chop, and then add the dressing and paprika (plus more salt if desired) and it’s DONE!! It’s amazing what being prepared can do for you when you’re in a hurry to prep it up and then slow down to enjoy a lovely meal.

I finally measured my magic dressing (with the full name being: Eva’s 5-Ingredient “Goes with Anything” Magic Salad Dressing) for the {Raw Food Jump-Start}, but I decided that I’ll send it out in this week’s Raw News Bites as a courtesy to our lovely newsletter subscribers.

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