Fresh Summer Salad with Fennel & Grape Tomatoes


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It’s about time to start foraging in my friend Michael West’s lovely vineyard garden. Ha!

This salad is almost entirely made of greens and sprouts freshly grown right down the street here in Vineyard Haven. I still taste the flavors from a summer passed. The fennel and grape tomatoes make this salad, but perhaps the pleasure of “foraging” in a place of serenity that added most.

If you don’t have a garden, perhaps it is time to make friends with a gardener! ;-)



5 large collard green leaves, rolled up and then cut chiffonade
1 cup sprouts
2 Tbsp fresh fennel
1/2 medium cucumber, sliced thin
Handful grape tomatoes
1/2 avocado, diced


1 lime, juiced
2 Tbsp olive oil
Freshly cracked black pepper
Freshly ground Himalayan salt


  1. Stack the collard greens on top of each other, then roll them up and cut them thinly.
  2. (Optional) Massage the collards in a touch of olive oil and salt to soften them.
  3. Add your other ingredients atop the greens, making sure to add the tomatoes and fennel last.

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