{raw food recipe} {review} Almond Butter Cup!!

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I love love loved those Reese’s peanut butter cups before I went raw. THANK HEAVENS there is a (BETTER!) raw alternative. I’ll (soon!) (gladly!) play in the kitchen to make my own version of this, but meanwhile, I’m SO GRATEFUL that

1/ {Blissed-Out MV} makes one for a few bucks or less. All organic. Totally amazing. You can taste the love. You can taste the chocolate. And then there’s everything in between. Mmmmmmm…

2/ My friend Stephanie (Hi Stephanie!) over at {Good Girl Gone Green has a recipe for us!} already. She had me at “lazy” but then when she added “chocolate” and “easy” to it, it was all over. I’ll have to try hers, bet it’s great as is actually… hmmmmm… lol

Here’s another view of this bad boy (or should I say “good girl”?! haha!)…

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