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Matthew Kenney - Everyday Raw

“Everyday raw food does not necessarily translate to simple-for better or worse, raw food will never be as easy as opening a can or popping something in the microwave,” Matthew Kenney wrote in the introduction to one of his latest books. This is one of many instances where Mr. Kenney was frank with his readers.

Fortunately for those readers, Mr. Kenney has offered a selection of recipes that ranges pretty drastically. On the simple side, there are several smoothies or juice cocktails that can be prepared, enjoyed, and the mess cleaned in a matter of minutes. On the more gourmet side, some of the “crisps” and crackers take days to complete.

Nearly every recipe includes a full-color photo that is more than enticing. The blueberry pancakes, for example, seem as though they could be eaten right off the page right along with the maple syrup and blueberries on top.

All recipes have extra commentary. This includes background on the ingredients, tidbits on when the recipe would ideally be served, Mr. Kenney’s experiences with the recipes or memories regarding similar recipes, etc. The commentary is generally pretty useful.

Although most of these ingredients can be substituted somewhat easily, numerous non-raw items such as maple syrup and nutritional yeast are included in the book. For those who seek a 100-percent raw lifestyle, this can be a challenge. For example, how to make the mac and cheese as wonderfully cheesy without using nutritional yeast.

Even those individuals’ appetites will likely be satiated with the many other recipes in this book.

On a comical note, the Silken Tofu recipe was a surprise to see. Raw vegan food imitating cooked vegan food imitating cooked animal products. The recipe, however, is light and versatile and will surely have an audience in vegan converts or raw curious.

Many of the recipes have very simple names, such as “Miso Soup” or “Silken Tofu” or “Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies.” This was actually quite refreshing considering how many times recipes are named in French, to sound more interesting and exotic.

One group – “foodies” – would likely enjoy this book, whether raw, vegan, carnivore, or somewhere in between. The vibrant flavors, unique ingredients, and colorful photos would attract most anyone who loves food and creating taste masterpieces in the kitchen.

Those who are already raw and are also “foodies” will fall in love with this book.

Individuals who are new to raw food might be interested in more about the lifestyle itself, equipment used, and where to find specialty ingredients. This would be a great book to include in the selection, but other books that might be good starters are “Living on Live Food” by Alissa Cohen or the Boutenko family’s new book “Raw Family Signature Dishes.”

Everyday Raw can be found here on Amazon.com or in your local bookstore. As we would suggest with any raw food book, if your local bookstore is not already carrying it, take the time to ask them to order it and let them know you have interest in raw food books. Most retailers are smart enough to listen to their customers, and you might just become the very reason that other folks end up discovering this fabulous lifestyle.


Review by Eva Rawposa


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