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Nudie FoodieNotes from Eva on Nudie Foodie: I’ve been hounding this absurdly creative woman for recipes ever since I saw her photos cropping up on Facebook sometime in mid-2010. She has the most beautiful collection of food photography that I have ever seen, hands down, even in comparison to all the fancy pants recipe books out there.

You cannot NOT want to eat the screen with her photos. It’s absurd. I don’t know how she does it.

We are (crazy) pleased to have the luck of convincing her to contribute recipes here.

You can find Nudie Foodie on Facebook at facebook.com/nudiefoodie. The best part? She’ll be your friend on Facebook even if she doesn’t know you. So don’t be shy. Just “friend her”, and you might just get the drool-worthy opportunity to see her food photography.

Special note regarding Nudie Foodie’s logo: (Isn’t it great?!) It is courtesy of Robert Baker. You can find him at facebook.com/vegasbaker.

Contributions by Nudie Foodie:
{article} Food for Thought: Strawberries & Chocolate
{recipe} Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
{recipe} Coconut Cream Pie
{recipe} Papaya Raisin Spice Cakes

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