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November 21, 2015
Volume VIII, Issue 303

What does "guilt-free" eating mean to you?!

If you've had food addictions or other food-related battles, highs and lows, allergies, sensitivities, weight fluctuations, ETC., you may find some guilt associated with eating certain foods. 

So I have a tip that may seem odd, just in case "naughty" foods find their way to your plate this season. If you do eat them, what about if you eat them with joy and permission? I mean, if you're gonna do it, MAY AS WELL ENJOY IT. I'm telling you right now, that you have permission to enjoy every breath, every bite, every bit of life. Even if at some point someone (maybe even YOU yourself!) told you certain things are naughty.  

Diving deeper into this tip: cozy up with foods you're eating. Much like a date with someone delicious you adore. Look closer, be present, pay attention, and let out an "mmm" or few when the occasion calls for it, allowing for deep pleasure.   

The reason why this works so gracefully? Lemme back up to the root of food addictions and less-than-pleasant eating patterns. Usually they stem from one of several things (often more than one!): dissatisfaction, boredom, a feeling of lack or a lackluster life experience… OR unconscious habits and old patterns. So when you step back to be present + enjoy the food, you're creating a new pattern. You may very well find yourself satisfied with less of that food, or even to skip it altogether.

Reminder: You truly have permission to enjoy the foods. Unless you look close and think, "hm, this isn't as attractive as it seemed." And then, you have permission to smile and say "no, thank you!"  

But… that said… how about some yummy raw dessert options? For the fuel that does a body good, and of course the pleasure too! Several of these desserts are simple and would be an easy treat to bring over for holiday dinner. Honestly, I doubt anyone would even guess that they're considered my many people to be health foods…!

xxo :-) Eva

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Desserts you love to love you right back…

Relish (get it… RELISH! hah!) in these delicious featured raw desserts this holiday season, or choose from our LOVELY selections of >>fall food recipes<< and >>dessert recipes<<.

Sweet Potato PieSweet Potato Pie
(pictured at right)
From Natalia KW, this is much like the traditional pumpkin pie but so ridiculously yummy. You'll want to make this ahead because it sets in the freezer. Note: While you can thaw it, note that it's much like an ice cream cake if you eat it straight out of the freezer!!
find the recipe here!

Cranberry Relish
Hands down, one of the best relishes ever. It's fresh and tart but with the balance of other flavors and even a hint of warming ginger spice. LOVE at first bite, a must try if you love cranberry relish!
click-click for this Raw Food Betsy recipe!

Pecan Pie
Planning ahead, dessert is a toss-up between this one and the sweet potato pie… I *think* this will be the one on our family's Thanksgiving table. I'm also considering having the sweet potato filling, topped with pecans. Hint: You can double up crusts to make two pies, and it's easy peasy to mix and match fillings! FUN!
here it is – another lovely recipe thanks to Raw Food Betsy!

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