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#1 Double Chocolate Cheesecake!

Double Chocolate Cheesecake!As raw cheesecakes go, this is pretty easy. Plus, the cool thing about raw cheesecakes (I love this…) is that you can keep them covered in the freezer, and eat them like an ice cream cake!

This recipe is by one of our Uncooking101 teacher mentors, the lovely Rebecca Kane (also of "Shine on Raw"! Did you get my email about the super-cool kinesiology thing?! That's her!)

{click HERE for the recipe}

#2 Easy No-Bake Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies!These brownies only take about 10 minutes to make, and they taste A-MAZING! They’ll satisfy any sweet tooth and have tricked many friends and family into thinking they were having a REAL brownie. Shhh… I won’t tell if you don’t!

Miss Rebecca Kane has managed to have shared BOTH our #1 AND #2 top raw chocolate recipes.

And in case "EASY" is super important for you too – within an HOUR of posting this recipe already several friends had tried it. Some even posted pictures right away…! ONLY positive reviews…!

{click HERE for the recipe}

#3 Wham Bam Chocolate Mousse

Wham Bam Chocolate MousseWith avocado as the magic ingredient, this mousse is sensational. (SERIOUSLY)

It comes from my lovely friend whose given name isn't really "Nudie Foodie", but she's asked me to keep her identity to me-self!

Warning: This mousse may cause you to moan uncontrollably with Delight. Please do taste testing in private first to avoid any “embarrassing outbursts”. 😉

{click HERE for the recipe}

#4 Sacher Torte

Sacher TorteI'm going to be straight up and tell you that this particular recipe is more complex than most of the recipes we share.

BUT it's amazing. And worth it. Check out the recipe for a bit of history on the Sacher Torte, complete with lovely photos from Olive Aguas. Her recipes ALWAYS seem to have a story with lovely photos of whatever gorgeous place she's traveling to!

{click HERE for the recipe}

#5 Chocolate Silk Shake

Chocolate Silk ShakeSimple + RIDICULOUSLY delicious and filling, this shake freezes beautifully as ice cream. It's a must try – and the "silk" thing is no joke. The texture comes out soooo silky smooth!

This recipe (and the next one! the clusters!) both come to us from the sweet and spirited Natalia KW. I've not tried even ONE recipe from her that didn't come out beautifully (adore her cupcakes, but that's for another day perhaps?!).

{click HERE for the recipe}

#6 Easy Cacao Clusters

Easy Cacao Clustersaka an amazing variation of chocolate-covered walnuts!

Super simple, with easy-to-find ingredients, it's SO MUCH FUN to make these. It's like magic putting the walnuts in the freezer and then *POOF* watching the chocolate harden. (When I don't eat them all myself) I love having something like this waiting for guests as a surprise little treat. YUM!

{click HERE for the recipe}

#7 Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse

Chocolate Cinnamon MousseThe cinnamon and the other two surprise secret ingredients in this mousse make it absolutely ridiculously indulgent and unique. Plus it's pretty easy.

THIS recipe is from the lovely Tess Masters – THE Blender Girl – from way back before her book came out. She has deeply inspired me not just as a chef but as a person and as a (make it happen kinda) dreamer. Her first cookbook is a must-own and was aptly named "The Blender Girl".

{click HERE for the recipe}

#8 Chocolate Raw-los!

Raw-los!Have you had "real" Rollos? This is even better! We're talking melt-in-your mouth chocolate with CARAMEL in the center. Can it be any better?!

This recipe is another one by Rebecca! Her recipes are favorites because they always come out + they are so very simple considering the delicious punch of flavors they pack!

{click HERE for the recipe}

#9 Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Mini Chocolate CupcakesIt's AMAZING just how much these cupcakes seem to have been made with traditional flour. They're NOT like the gluten-free flour mixes from the store – they are DELICIOUS and AUTHENTIC.

Julie Morris – the superfood queen – created this brilliant recipe. It's no wonder she too has ended up with some lovely published cookbooks. I was HOOKED the moment I saw her recipes and the way she shared 'em.

{click HERE for the recipe}

#10 Caramel Fudge Brownies

Caramel Chocolate BrowniesI used this icing as the inspiration for one of Lilla's birthday cakes, and I gotta tell you, EVERY bit of these brownies is fabulous. You COULD easily do just the base OR use the icing for something else, or of course put it all perfectly together.

Interestingly enough – this recipe is yet another that comes from a lovely contributor (and dear friend!) who's gone on to have STELLAR cookbooks published. Amber Shea Crawley's "Practically Raw Recipes" AND "Practically Raw Desserts" both get two thumbs high up. She really demystifies everything – and if you've got a sweet tooth you'll LOVE the desserts book!!

{click HERE for the recipe + video}

{ extra tips + resources! }

You can get creative without molds (trust me!), but it’s so much easier to use molds for your chocolate. AND if you want to wrap them all pretty-like, these wrappers will do the trick!

Molds: Le Silicone – Set of 3 (options!)
Wrappers: CK Chocolate Wrappers (I prefer 4″ x 4″) in red and silver

The below links are ALL from – with Valentine’s Day coming up it can be a big help to get fast shipping with their “prime” service. But there are other great suppliers I can recommend such as,, and (And of course there is always your local store – you may be surprised how many of these items are right there in town!)

1. Cacao Butter OR Coconut Oil
Cacao Butter: [Navitas brand]
Coconut Oil: [cold-pressed]
NOTE: This one’s NOT available on (sorry) but is truly the best coconut oil I have ever found: virgin oil de coco creme

2. Cacao Powder OR Carob Powder
Cacao Powder: [bargain brand] [navitas brand]
Carob Powder: [raw + wildcrafted]

3. Agave Nectar OR Coconut Nectar
Agave Nectar: [Wholesome Sweeteners brand]
Coconut Nectar: [Coconut Secret brand]

[Pink salt]

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