Uncooking on a Budget

Piggy Bank on the Beach! :-)Is raw food expensive?
Raw food need not be expensive. In fact, over time many raw foodists find that they are able to thrive on less food and spending less money.

But in the beginning, most people find they spend more money on food and invest in new equipment (such as an Excalibur dehydrator to make breads and crackers or a Vitamix to make smoothies and creamy nut cheese).

Tips for Saving Money with Raw Food
Many raw food pate recipes call for the more expensive ingredients, such as macadamia nuts, cashews, walnuts, red peppers, etc. Sunflower seeds easily replace more expensive nuts. Although the taste will obviously vary, here is a flexible and simple pate recipe that will work using … Keep reading for the pate recipe and tips on how to save money with raw food.

How to Save Money on Raw Food Equipment
Most long-term raw foodists will tell you that the Vita-Mix is the most used piece of equipment in their kitchen. They may or may not tell you that their Vita-Mix has a good chance of outlasting their … Keep reading for tips on how to save money on raw food equipment.

Tips from a Financial Planner: Investing & Saving Money
One of my favorite people in the whole world (my friend and financial planner, Lauren) was dishing out (much-appreciated) advice for free to me and many others back when we were college roommates. Several years and career changes later, she has now completed school (again) to be a financial planner and is working professionally doing the “work” she always did for free. She took the time to write out the following email simply so she could share her knowledge with friends. Read Lauren’s top tips for financial success.