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Hello dear friend!

::happy sigh::

Oh, where to begin?!

I know! HEAD’S UP – if you ever worry or try to force things you may LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabulous snow globe analogy I’ll share toward the end of this email. I have the feeling it will effect me massively for the rest of my life. I’ve even set the intention to be on the lookout for a snow globe for my desk!!

Alrighty, here we go… Has this been a challenge for you too? I’m the not-so-proud owner of an over-full to-do list and agenda. And sometimes, I try to force things to happen sooner rather than later.

In high school, I remember always feeling behind. Between work, school, the newspaper, and LIFE, I’d literally schedule my life in 30-minute blocks from waking up to falling asleep. Except when I didn’t. (And I’m honestly not sure which option felt more stressful, because I swear the things to do were multiplying like little bunnies while I slept!!)

So now as an adult, I really don’t even have to do that. I’ve chosen a life that doesn’t require it.

Yet, for some reason lately I’ve been giving myself deadlines on top of deadlines on top of deadlines.

What the heck!

So this past weekend I flew to Texas for an event, and in the week leading up to it I suddenly felt compelled to multiply my to-do list. I HAD NO IDEA WHY!!! I was inspired to advertise a raw food teacher training and to mix it up with our Uncooking101 class, which I left myself no room to be ready for with ease and grace!!

By the time I touched down in Dallas, I was running on a sleep deficit much like in the weeks right after Lilla was born. For no good reason, either!!!!

The event was great. (seriously)

And ::ahem:: so was the raw food meetup I scheduled for 30 minutes after my plane landed during rush hour traffic!!!!! HA! YUP. Guilty as charged! ::shaking my head::

So now… today… I’m looking at life.

And I see it. I’ve been PUSHING. Trying to force things rather than just allow them to happen in the right time. What if I stopped worrying, pushing, and forcing things? And just let ‘em flow…?! Leaving breathing room?!

cue… the fabulous snow globe analogy 🙂

When we’re filling up the agenda, worrying over details, and feeling downright overwhelmed… Imagine all that worry and busyness is like the snow flakes in a snow globe. They’ve gone wild!!

Now imagine taking a moment to just… breathe. Imagine WE are inside the snow globe, and by breathing and letting things flow, we give those crazy snow flakes the opportunity to let things settle. We give ourselves a bit of space.

Ya know what would happen?! Quite a lot of pieces would work themselves out! Quite a lot would settle on its own. And we could focus – IN PEACE – on one thing at a time.

So right now, I’m adjusting my entire agenda AND LIFE. Letting those snow flakes FLOW!

I’m breathing. I’m in peace. I know things will happen in their own timing. Which will likely be faster and easier with me giving myself this space! Too funny how these things work!

I know this isn’t about food – but it is what’s driving our upcoming food and mindset programs – and my life. I just *KNOW* I’m not the only one out there who can benefit from this message.

What came up as I made an image to share with you was “let it FLOW, let it flow, let it flow…!”

Loving you,
And the beauty of Divine Timing!


P.S. I’m aching to share a few photos and loveliness from our meetup (it was so great even if it was squeezed in tight!!!) but really felt this was more appropriate to share with you now.

P.P.S. The guy who shared the snow globe analogy with me is a business coach who presented at the event I went to. I really resonated with him (for obvious reasons if you know me well!). He lost 120 pounds in his journey and in the process let go of victim mentality, learned how to have FUN and not be so serious, and he really walks his talk. You can find his book on Amazon if you’re curious (it’s not about raw foods or weight loss tho, it’s really more about LIFE!!). His name is Jason Goldberg, and the book is called “Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your Life”. 🙂

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