Raw Vacation Adventure on Martha’s Vineyard + Certified Green Chef Immersion = YESSS!

Please note: Registration is closed for the fall vacation, thank you!

HELLO to you, dear friend!
(or soon-to-be dear friend!)

It is with HUGE amounts of pleasure, that I’m inviting you to our October 2019 Certified Green Chef Immersion on the island of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts, USA).

Before we get into the ridiculously (!) juicy details, I want to give you a tiny bit of an idea of the kind of indulgence we’re planning for you. The best way I can describe it is using the words of Matt Crawley, super cool guy and lucky husband to Amber Shea Crawley (author of Practically Raw and Practically Raw Desserts). When he was trying to describe the experience he suggested you might like to envision the kind of vacation you’d attend if your hostess were… OPRAH!.

When Matt suggested our events were that caliber, I realized… sure enough… every single detail is carefully, lovingly, and decadently planned to indulge you as much as we possibly can. Probably much like what Oprah would do for a retreat! 🙂 (To be fair, my budget is probably smaller than Oprah’s, but even so it can totally feel like that at many of the places we book!)

Let’s dive in, shall we?! I’ll share quite a few photos from our actual vacations so you can see what I’m talking about…


SERIOUSLY. There is good reason that Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and countless movie stars and “big wigs” choose Martha’s Vineyard for their vacations. You can come here and get away from it all. Away from the traffic and honking horns. Away from the paparazzi but also the McDonalds and the WalMarts. On island, we have six towns yet don’t even have stop lights!


We don’t have a private beach on multiple sides for every single event we host, but we love to choose a place that indulges us. We’ve always been an easy walk to the ocean, sometimes in the historic home of a Whaling Captain, sometimes a full bed & breakfast, and sometimes just an absurdly homey yet plush vacation home.


This experience is part recipe workshop, so we’ll be super hands-on! We’ll put our minds together with our guest master chefs and each other, local farm-fresh and organic foods, plenty of recipes and ideas to work with, and a fabulous supply of fun spices and indulgences like locally preserved lemons.

kathyThis was the most nourishing and loving thing I have done for myself in… forever!! … The recipes were awesome. The little kitchen and recipe tips were invaluable! There was not one thing I did not love about my time here!… Eva knows how to do it up right!”

– Kathy Caulfield
Bridgeport, CT
{photo by Nat Brooke}

Briefly, the specifics

WHO? Adventurous (or wannabe adventurous!!) women* and their guests (who can be raw/vegan food enthusiasts or even newbies or dabblers!!) who 1) deserve a vacation 2) love to eat 3) love to learn 4) love to feel vibrant 5) want to be a part of something super awesome 6) would love to get hands-on in the kitchen + enjoy some fun (but optional) adventures.

Newbies, dabblers, or hard-core enthusiasts are ALL welcome! (Note: Whatever stage you’re at, you WILL walk away prepared to make a variety of delicious raw and healthy but DELICIOUS foods at home!

WHAT? A fun, all-inclusive, island adventure including food, classes, bike rentals, kayaking, and so much more goodness…!

WHEN? Now booking for October 2019 [exact dates below]! (see dates at the bottom of this page in the registration section)

WHERE? a private, charming, renovated, GORGEOUS, private vacation home on the stunning island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, USA

[Location Notes: There is an airport on the island – MVY – or you could fly into Boston – BOS – and then take a shuttle directly from the airport to the ferry boat that brings you to the island. Email or call us if you have questions that aren’t answered on transportation!]

WHY? Because of course you deserve it! But you also want to learn. And feel good. And have fun. And do things that you would do if you only “lived once” (just in case).


So who exactly comes on one of our vacations?

morning-green-drinkI tell you this after having hosted literally dozens of vacations. The women* who choose our vacations are the “créme de la créme”.

The gorgeous souls who say YES! to this, they are the kindest, most understanding, loving, fun, amazing people you could ever meet. The kind of people who remind me that “YEAH, this world is full of amazing people and definitely full of love!”

Are you thinking of coming? Seriously thinking? Look in the mirror… I probably just described… YOU. 🙂

But if AT LEAST THREE of the following fit your description, this vacation was designed to wonderfully fit YOU:

  • You could really use a fun vacation where you will have a blast, meet new people, and come back feeling BETTER than when you left! [Side note: You know how usually people come back home needing a vacation from their vacation? Because they ate so much crappy food and didn’t have all their needs met? Sure is nice to do exactly the opposite and come home ready to tackle “real life” with vigor!!]
  • You’ve wanted to check out the islands, Martha’s Vineyard in particular, but weren’t (yet!) able to. You’d love to explore with an “insider” and enjoy the secret spots that you might never have found on your own.
  • You’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard (or even on one of our vacations!) already and you are literally counting down the days until you return to this little slice of paradise.
  • You’ve been researching raw food for a long time (possibly even years!) but have never “gone raw” because you are concerned (even scared!) about doing it the “wrong” way.
  • You’re eating a lot of fresh foods, but you haven’t quite gotten that perfect “system” in place to easily and habitually stick to it.
  • You don’t want to count calories or “diet”, but it’s high priority to stay fit and healthy.
  • Sometimes you feel disconnected, rushed, and chaotic… with pockets of peace… and you know that the way you eat has some effect on that.
  • You’re desperate for a change of scenery, to the point that you feel like your whole BEING is calling out for it! And you know it will do you plenty of good to better see what’s important in your everyday life.
  • You’re on a path to becoming more and more “awake” and ALIVE every day, and you know that food and community can be super helpful to keep you moving FORWARD!
  • You love your morning green drink, and it would be a fun treat to be indulged with fresh juice and smoothies on-demand but to have someone else cleaning the dishes!
  • You’re looking for ways to make healthy food more interesting – for you AND to share!
  • You keep trying to upgrade your habits, but one big challenge is not always feeling deeply supported.
  • You’re a health food chef or educator, and you’re looking to really up your game! (Open a restaurant, create more unique recipes, utilize organ balancing techniques with your food… the sky’s the limit!)


Joanne-RaiaMartha’s Vineyard is my favorite place! I feel so relaxed and able to forget about what is going on at home. Truly a place to unwind for me. As mothers and women it’s so important to take ourselves here… Attending one of these vacations will change your life positively in an emotional, mental and physical way. Best experience of your life! You will learn and take away so much from Eva and the group for all areas of your life!”

– Joanne Raia, Tolland, CT | www.RawJo.com




Why we do this

Here is The Thing, the reason I (Eva) host these vacations. So many times, it’s easy to feel alone on this journey to becoming fully healthy, to finding TRUE freedom in health and well-being. And we AREN’T alone, it just feels like it! So coming together as a community is suuuch a gift!

togetherAnd on top of it, there is a learning curve when you’re just starting out!

Everything we do is designed to give you the information you need to have all those “AHA!” light bulbs go off left and right. This is when you see how easy your next steps really can be!

Funny… I’m amazed at just how much I learn at each event. In these vacations and classes, we’ve been blessed to have doctors, nurses, teachers, full-time moms, farmers, and so many other beautiful spirits there to teach us while they learn too.

And you know why they come? Why we learn SO much from each other? When you are in your home environment, it’s easier to have the usual distractions pull you away from your goals. Sometimes, you have to get away to a place where you don’t have the usual distractions. And then all of the sudden, it is EASY to learn. And fun. It’s not just one more thing to do anymore.

But it’s not just the info and the renewed confidence; there is so much to what we do! It’s the shortcuts. It’s the new ideas. It’s the support. It’s the friendships. It’s the other women* (& you can’t forget the occasional men!) who come. We’re in it together! Helping each other.

We do often have VERY experienced foodies and chefs who come along for these vacations. I am actually quite humbled in many cases, but happily humbled! Often the more experienced chefs and educators are looking for new ideas on how to share the message with others. We truly welcome other chefs and educators to check out how we do things. We’re on the same team, to say the least!


I’m 80/10/10, only because it’s easy for me, but my family doesn’t really like it because they’re transitioning. The week helped me open my eyes to what else to make, that will help my family like raw better.”

– Donna Davis

And Frank Davis says “Try it, You will like it!”



You don’t have to be raw!
Anyone interested in FOOD would enjoy this!”

– Christina Oery, Durham, NC


Delicious meals included!
  • Breakfast is buffet style with options like fresh juices, cereals, nut milks, fruit and green smoothies, (“made-to-order”) pancakes, even Eva’s famous breakfast burritos!
  • Lunch options will knock your socks off too, including yummies such as RAW sandwiches, salads that need a more exciting name than “just” “salads”, wraps, and more
  • Delicious snacks and tea waiting for you to enjoy as needed
  • Fabulous indulgences like pastas, personal pizzas, stuffed tomatoes, and more on the menu, then finish off with dessert!
  • The greatest part: You will have SO MANY RECIPES to take home with you. AND you will be there for the hands-on food prep to totally get EXACTLY how all of it is made!!


Bonuses (all included at no extra charge!)
  • TRANSPORTATION. As soon as you arrive on island (including ferry pick-up!!), we’ll take care of transportation!
  • SURPRISE ADVENTURES. Fun bike rides, walking tours, [note: literally everything we do is optional… so if you’d rather take a nap than take an adventure, that’s OK too!]
  • MORNING MOVEMENTS. This could vary depending on the day, from yoga to Pilates, to simple but effective movements designed to keep you fresh and vibrant during our time together. [always optional!]
  • TAKE-HOME MATERIALS. We’ll send you away with the how-to on making pizza, calzones, sensational salads and soups, breads, crackers, ice cream, desserts, nut milks, smoothies, sprouting, juices, chocolate, fermented foods, and more… Of course we’ll MAKE many of those foods too, but we know it’s a help to have visuals for later!
  • A special BONUS RECIPE BOOK with Eva’s FABULOUS Easiest Bread Ever, the dough aka The (Raw!) Chameleon Dough which can be adjusted slightly (we’ll show you how) to make sweet OR savory bread, croutons, crackers, burritos, and more. It’s wild!
  • UNCOOKING101: AN INTRO TO RAW FOODS MADE EASY. Our signature videos and raw food class, including everything from smoothies up to easy entrees and desserts [note: we’ll give you access to this ahead of time as a pre-meetup bonus!]
  • Certified Green Chef Training, including The Hex Method! Deep dive into our simple 6-step method to put magic into (cooked OR raw) health foods. The Hex Method is the proprietary methodology used by Certified Green Chefs worldwide, and it WILL change the way you approach food… for the better and for life!
  • THE COMMUNITY CONNECTION. We’ll make it easy to be as connected as you’d like before you arrive, while you’re here, and after you leave. No joke when we say this is FOR LIFE! It’s such a gift to connect with people who understand you!
  • AND MORE SURPRISES… We like to keep it interesting. 🙂


natalie-margueriteThank you for feeding not only my heart, but my soul. I loved it ALL! I enjoyed our long and intense conversations at the dinner table. I loved the open communication while preparing the food. I adored Eva’s sincerity and ‘raw’ down-to-earth personality.”

– Marguerite LaLonde
Pacific Palisades, CA
{photo by Nat Brooke}


Let’s talk value!

photo-10Remember… we’re talking… the vacation of a lifetime… lots of adventure… with your friend Éva, Green Chef Academy director
+ surprise guest chef(s)
+ fabulous new friends 🙂
+ tons of recipes to take home in your lovely workshop binder
+ shiny hybrid bikes available for you to use
+ all meals included
+ all on-island transportation
+ clean + lovely overnight accommodations
+ surprise adventures

And funny… the most valuable pieces can’t really have a “price tag”… like the chance to have a fresh look on life… the community… the added FREEDOM you’ll find in the kitchen after we’re done… ETC!!



natalie-summerWhat a great opportunity to get away from life and spend time with like-minded people sharing amazing food, ideas, and inspiration, and learning at the same time from one another! [What would I like to see less of?] Really… nothing! 🙂 I thought the whole week was just amazing!

– Summer Bagley
Roscoe, IL
{photo by Nat Brooke}


Your Hostess ~ Éva Rawposa

Eva-Teaching-1It wasn’t ever my plan to teach raw food classes. You might even say it fell into my lap!

In early 2007, I was beyond what you’d call “sick” ~ feeling EXHAUSTED, with ulcers and high blood pressure as a 20-something-year-old!, regular doctor’s visits to fill my prescription medications, and no end in sight to all of my issues. Finally I consulted my friend Google 🙂 and went searching for a natural cure.

THREE DAYS into raw foods I was well. Literally.

So sharing this has become my mission. I’m now almost twelve years into raw foods, and sharing this with you continues to light my fire. As a former teacher for the Department of Education, and having been personally trained in raw foods by top chefs like Chad Sarno, Russell James, and Alissa Cohen, it’s my mission to leave you excited + with a deep understanding of any and all topics we cover!

Getting here

Your best bet for getting here is going to be to fly into Boston, then take the bus operated by Peter Pan/Bonanza straight from the airport. This will drop you off right at the ferry. We are right there within walking distance of the ferry!

A bit more about Martha’s Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard


It’s a quaint and magical island 7 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. It’s not a Vineyard, although there once was a working Vineyard on the island. Legend has it there was a Martha, but detailed research points to a MARTIN rather than Martha!

Here is what you will find in the island’s 6 distinctly different towns:

The HarborVineyard Haven — The year-round gateway to the Vineyard with ferries running year round — Home to Owen Park Beach, the Katharine Cornell Theatre, West Chop (and its lighthouse), Lake Tashmoo, and plentiful sailboats anchored here, there, and everywhere

Oak Bluffs — Home to Lagoon Pond, the ridiculously cute gingerbread houses at the Campground Meeting Association, the oldest operating carousel in the USA, the beautiful vistas en route from OB to Edgartown (like true paradise!), and Ocean Park with the gazebo I just love

Edgartown LighthouseEdgartown — the elegant town known for its many whaling captains and the lovely homes they built, Chappy and the On-Time ferry, South Beach, Katama, and the big fancy yachts in the harbor — My husband and I were married at the picturesque Edgartown lighthouse (pictured at right)

West Tisbury — home to the annual Ag Fair as a mostly rural farming community — Business district looks like a traditional New England town with farm stands, Alley’s General Store — Could pull this town right out of the 19th century!

Chilmark — another farming town, but this one with a high percentage of secret, hidden homes for vacationing movie stars, authors, and high-power biz execs — also home to the performing arts center The Yard and the cute fishing village of Menemsha where much of the movie Jaws was filmed

Aquinnah CliffsAquinnah (also called Gay Head) — stunning vistas at the top of the Gay Head Cliffs (pictured at left) — absurdly beautiful and unexpected if you are visiting only the 3 “down-island” towns — home to the island’s only (somewhat unofficial) “naked beach” as well as the Wampanoag Indian Tribe — a truly magical trip to come to Aquinnah and visit the cliffs




Some photo love!

With special thanks to the lovely, lovely Nat Brooke, I have a few photos to share with you from one of our vacations. ENJOY!


What exactly is included?
Once you’ve arrived on island, we take care of:
* your delicious food
* classes and class materials,
* fabulous lodging,
* entertainment,
* transportation on island.
We do not include your travel TO the island.

What is your refund policy?
Your space is booked for YOU. We have a no-refund policy with the only exception that we would issue a refund (less a $35 fee) upon rebooking or transferring your registration.

NOTE: Exact details will vary.
Depending on things like weather, guest preferences, any allergies, or ANYTHING ELSE over which we don’t have total control, some details could change. Your experience is our top priority, so of course we’ll do our absolute best to ensure it’s an amazing one!!

Will I have a private bathroom?
The location we’ve chosen has several bathrooms and will be super spacious (whew!). While most private rooms also have private bathrooms, we cannot 100% guarantee a private bathroom to every guest who books a private room. If that’s important to you, book early while we still have suites available.

Who will share my room with me?
If you’re booking a budget/shared spot, the default is that you’ll share your room with another lovely woman-type human… who will almost definitely become a new dear friend! 🙂 Because the majority of our guests are women, our shared rooms are co-ed only by special request when two friends book together.

Love Note re: LGBT, skin color, your gender, religion…
Whoo whee! So many ways we could separate our selves out as “different”! To be clear, ALL kind and respectful guests are welcome. If you would be bothered at the possibility and/or less welcoming with someone of a different religion, race, orientation, or whatever [fill in the blank with whatever I’ve missed] could be in the mix, this is simply not the right event for you. But if you’re happy to share this adventure with a lovely mix of individuals, PERFECT! Scroll on down to book your spot. 😀

Could I bring my dog, cat, or other furry family member?
As much as I’d like to tell you to bring your beloved animal companions, we cannot allow them due to potential allergies and the agreement we’re making with the owner of the vacation home.

Questions not answered here?
Drop me a line at eva@evarawposa.com, I’m happy to answer ’em!


Charge Options include major cards and PayPal


Fall Agenda Check-in Thursday, October 10 (4pm), Check-out Monday, October 14 (10am)
Cost for 1 guest in a shared room $1275 ALL-INCLUSIVE —> SOLD OUT
Cost for 1-2 guests in a private suite $1875 ALL-INCLUSIVE —> SOLD OUT

October 10-14, 2019



  • USA customers may be able to use PayPal credit for payment. In this case, the option is subject to credit approval, you’ll receive an answer right away from PayPal, and you can pay up to 6 months later with no interest fees. The option for PayPal credit is available above by using our regular payment buttons (you’ll see it on checkout if you’re in the USA), and you can read more about how PayPal credit works HERE.
  • A note to international clients: I’m not purposefully or personally excluding you; these are just the terms for using PayPal credit. Payment Option #2 (below) can be used by anyone. 🙂


  • You’re welcome to pay a 50% deposit, then pay the balance within 30 days.
  • There is NO FEE for taking me up on the split payment option.
  • To change the price, simply use the “promo code” deposit on the check-out payment page where it says “Add Promo Code”. You’ll receive the link in your email confirmation on how to pay the balance by PayPal or credit card.

*Note because several times “women” are mentioned: Friends who book the vacation are almost exclusively women, except when partners come along. But the truth is that all kind and respectful humans are welcomed even if you’re not a woman-type human!