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Kombucha Float

If you’ve been around here for long, you know we sort of freak out every time we get our hands on a “Nudie recipe”. Nudie Foodiehas done it once again (you’ll see why we freak out!) with this amazing Float. Tell me it does not bring you to heaven and back!! (You can find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/NudieFoodie for plenty more heaven-and-back sorta inspiration!)

The rest of the details here come straight from Nudie Foodie herself. Enjoy!!
πŸ™‚ xxo~Eva

P.S. Updated to mention that I’m making this today and will be using either the Guava or the Trilogy flavor. Oh SNAP — the Trilogy is the right one — in any case. I’m making it! And SO EXCITED! We’ll be making some ice cream too. I hear my friend Michael’s recipe is Easy and Amazing and a great one. I bet he’s right. I’ll share more details after it’s been made!


You are truly going to Melt when you see how Fantastically Easy this Recipe is!

It’s a new spin on an old traditional recipe, and if you haven’t already guessed from my Nudie Foodie pics posted in the past, you’ll overflow with an “of course, it’s so obvious!” reaction.

Now before you give into that impulse to start hating-on-me for withholding this Bubbly Glass of Heaven from you for so long, just know that I did it for your own good and with the best of Best intentions in mind. The Reason ~ this Kombucha Float (aka Botcha Bomb) is Enjoyed Most when drunk on a Hot, Humid, Sunny, Summer Day. It just is, simple fact, don’t even bother arguing. Trust Me!


  • Vanilla Ice Cream
    (Raw Vegan Organic Ice Cream can now be found abound. Check your local health food store, Whole Foods, or Raw Food Shop, Cafe, or Restaurant. My Favorite non-Raw but still Vegan Organic Ice Cream is Luna and Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss ~ Vanilla Island Ice Cream. Personally I like to use my own homemade recipe for Stevia Sweetened “Raw, Vegan & Organic” Vanilla Ice Cream… Love It!)
  • GT’s Trilogy Kombucha (it’s a Raspberry Ginger flavor), very cold


Yup, just like an Old Fashioned Rood Beer Float!

  1. Place float glass(es) on top of a dish or cleared and clean counter to avoid making a complete mess.
  2. Add one to two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream to tall float glass(es).
  3. Pour the Kombucha over the ice cream, making sure not to overflow (although this is indeed the fun part!).
  4. Add Kombucha slowly and allow the foam to settle before adding more.
  5. Straws ‘n Spoons & Serve!! Drink & Enjoy!!

** Feel Free to Mix n’ Match your Favorite Kombucha and Ice Cream Brands and Flavors! I know I do!


PLEASE TAKE NOTE! We were psyched when Nudie Foodie agreed to join forces with uncooking101.com to bring you best of the raw and living food world! We LOVE (seriously) Nudie’s recipes and want to keep a good relationship with her. Out of respect for how awesome sauce Nudie and her creations are, PLEASE do not repost her recipe without her direct permission. You may, however, and we even hope you will, post the link to Facebook or anywhere you like to get your friends over to the recipe. Thank you!

Tell me you didn’t want to eat the screen! (I know you can’t.)
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ANY QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Just type whatever you have to say below. We’d love to hear from you, no matter what it is. Well, as long as it is related to the Kombucha Float in some way! πŸ™‚

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