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Fresh Almond Butter!{recipe #1} Raw Almond Butter
Yield is EXACTLY 1 cup.

Optional Prep

1/ Soak 2 cups of almonds overnight in 2 1/2 cups of filtered water.

2/ Rinse them well.

3/ Place them directly onto your dehydrator tray making sure they’re not overlapping (give ’em some space!), and dehydrate them for 12-24 hours at 115 degrees. If you intend to store them for a while, longer is better!

Note: You’ll up with 2 1/2 cups in the end of soaking and dehydrating because they’ve expanded!

Next we’ll use either a food processor or blender to break the almonds down to almond butter. The best option is your most powerful piece of equipment. If you do not own a 7+ cup food processor or a high-speed blender, I do not recommend making almond butter because I don’t want you to burn out your equipment!

BLENDER Instructions [Option #1]

1/ Add 2.5-3 cups of almonds to a high-powered blender like Vitamix or Blendtec.

2/ Blend at less than full power, stopping as often as needed to scrape down the sides and make sure everything is blended.

FOOD PROCESSOR Instructions [Option #2]

1/ Add 2.5 cups of dry almonds to your food processor.

2/ Food process until you’ve reached the texture you desire. You’ll need to stop often to scrape the sides down to the blade. At first, your almonds will be powdery, then they’ll glob together, and finally (if you keep going long enough!) the natural oils will begin to be released.

3/ [optional] You may want to add some coconut nectar, pink salt, and or chopped almonds at the very end. Do not food process the extras; just add ’em by hand!

{recipe #2} Chocolate Almond Butter CupsFinished

Chocolate Ingredients [option 1 with carob]

✦ 1/3 cup melted coconut oil (or cacao butter)
✦ 1/4 cup carob powder
✦ 1 teaspoon Dandy Blend [optional]
✦ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
✦ 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon powder
✦ 1/16 teaspoon pink salt

Note: We don’t typically use cacao powder in our household, but you could easily swap out the ingredients to use the following and have “real” chocolate.

Chocolate Ingredients [option 2 with cacao]

✦ 1/3 cup melted coconut oil (or cacao butter)
✦ 1/3 cup cacao powder
✦ 1/8 cup coconut nectar or other liquid sweetener
✦ 1 teaspoon vanilla
✦ 1/16 pink salt

Filling Ingredient

✦ 1 Tablespoon almond butter


1/ Melt the coconut oil in a bowl in your dehydrator, or using the double boiler method on your stove. [Place your coconut oil in a metal or other heat-proof bowl. Heat water in a pot on the stove, and place the bowl with coconut oil on top of that pot until the coconut oil melts.]

2a/ [optional] If any of your powdered ingredients are at all clumpy, you may want to sift them before the next step.

2b/ Add your remaining chocolate ingredients to the bowl, and whisk or mix with a fork.

Filling3a/ If you have easy access to a plastic squeeze bottle (the kind made for condiments) or a pastry bag, add your chocolate to that for easier pouring.

3b/ Fill the molds enough to cover the bottom with chocolate, then place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to set.

4/ Scoop in some almond butter, making sure to leave enough space to cover it up!

5/ Fill the molds to the top, covering the almond butter, then place in the freezer for another 5-10 minutes to set again.

6/ Gently pop the molds out and VOILA, chocolate almond butter cups!

Yield: about 12 small chocolate almond butter cups

Shopping Helper

Unpasteurized almonds in the USA These are the exact almonds I used, from Spain so they don’t require pasteurization >> Terrasoul on Amazon.com

More almonds 🙂 These almonds are great too, I have ordered them more than once >> Organic Almonds Raw

My mold This is the mold I used which was smaller than expected but good in the end because it’s easier to feel like you’re having lots of treats having even just a few of these, but they’re small so it’s trick! Hahahaha! >> The mold (on Amazon.com)

Another mold option This is a much larger mold (more like traditional peanut butter cups size) and matching candy cups. >> The Mold The Cups

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