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BreadHere I am on this very new journey, and at less than 3 weeks pregnant I already had a craving for something cooked: an onion sandwich, specifically on French bread. I hardly ever eat onions, and French bread is certainly not on my “Do Eat” list!

My immediate announcement (this was before my first weird craving) had been that I intend to have an easy raw vegan pregnancy.

But then there was that craving… I had no idea what to do.

My fears crept in:

  • What if my baby really needs onions and bread?
  • What if I am desperately missing something in those things?
  • What if I don’t eat them, and she (yes, she ;)) doesn’t grow well as a result?
  • What if my body is trying to kill the baby (she is taking my nutrients after all!)?
  • What if onions are a clever way to nip this baby in the bud?
  • How do I know for sure what to do?

The biggest problem, is that my thoughts didn’t go all together in one direction. They went in two opposite directions:

  1. My body and baby must need these things.
  2. My body is trying to get rid of this greedy little girl.

So I asked my friends on Facebook:

Why would I want cooked onions? Does anyone know??

Most people said: Your body is smart. Follow your cravings. Your baby knows what’s going on. Joe, Mr. Funny Guy, said that he knows he is not pregnant yet still periodically craves cooked onions! I got a good giggle out of that one.

I was NOT happy about this situation, to say the least. ::deep sigh:: I listened to my friends, mostly because I know they mean well and also have already been through This Whole Pregnancy Thing. Finally, I chose to eat a cooked onion sandwich on fresh French bread. I cooked it on a flat burner with olive oil and then ate it with a salad. Otherwise, my day was full of green smoothies, salads, and other fresh foods.


  1. I did not want to get out of bed.
  2. I had lots of boogers. Yeah, boogers. I had to pick my nose.
  3. I had lots of mucus that wasn’t dried up too. So I was snorting snot and couldn’t breath well.
  4. My body ached like I ran a marathon yesterday. I did not, in fact, run at all yesterday.
  5. I felt extremely dehydrated.
  6. I was grumpy as all hell.
  7. I did not even have the energy to take a shower or brush my teeth before we left.
  8. It took me at least double the time as usual to iron my clothes.
  9. I did not have the energy to make the bed.
  10. I felt extremely stressed out.
  11. The face on my skin felt oily and dirty.
  12. I felt pregnant. Or at least bloated!
  13. My right ear was in pain.
  14. My armpits smell today. (No, that is not normal.)
  15. I sprouted several pimples. I never get those anymore!


So I don’t know about whether my body needs silica or sulfur (which I will address in a new and different way), but I know this: My body does not need me to be grumpy. No one needs me to be grumpy! And the other stuff? Less than ideal!


Consider that a normal day for me is booger-free, grump-free, snot-free, and ache-free. In fact, on an average (even rainy day), my life is full of sunshine (I even walk on it), rainbows (they even shoot out of my ears), smiles (even when Carlos is grumpy), and appreciation (even over the “small stuff”)… I’d say it’s time to get back to normal! No grumpy mommas over here!


When I arrived at the office, I immediately drank some water and then began oil pulling. I did this for about 90 minutes. The oil mixed with my saliva turned MUCH more white than on a usual day, and I was able to relieve myself of the mucus issue. After brushing my teeth, I dry skin brushed my face and then rinsed it well.

I already felt worlds better just from doing these small things, was even in a good mood again! Next up I went to the cafe to pick up some green smoothies.


Carlos was even grumpier than I started out this morning. Brilliant. I did not respond well but decided to mostly ignore him. I was was almost finished making more green smoothies when he decided to put on loud and aggressive rap music. I asked him to please not play music fit for an angry 16-year-old while I am there. He did not like that very much and got very fussy.

I will spare you the remaining details except that after the very last thing he said, I stormed off crying with my nabbed green smoothies in tow.

Sadly, I cannot even remember the last time I stormed off from a conversation or even was so angry or hurt. I know it has been a long time. This is not what I want my pregnancy to look like.

My goal remains clearly intact:
a raw, vegan, easy, happy, healthy pregnancy.

So, the next time I get the crazy idea that this little sweet pea stealing my nutrients wants some sort of cooked, flour-filled atrocity… I’m going to smother it with water and a green smoothie. And if the idea persists, I’m going to smother it with something else. But not cooked onions or French bread! I have learned my lesson!

Lesson learned,
๐Ÿ™‚ xxo Eva

So, what about you? Any moms out there have any lessons you want to share? Do you think I’m naive or crazy to revert back to the goal of EASY + RAW + VEGAN?!

Sharing is caring! ;-)

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