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Whenever figs are in season, this is the jam you want to make. It’s raw, easy, killing! Make enough because everybody who has a taste will ask for more!

~ Marie-Claire Hermans from Ravishing Raw


1 cup dates [to be blended with water, will only use 1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid date paste in the recipe]

About 8 medium figs
1 vanilla pod
4 to 5 cardamoms, crushed



Simply blend dates with enough water to create a thick syrup consistency.

1/ Place a large sheet of baking paper into a glass bowl or cake mold, making sure that the sheet is long enough on both sides to cover the top too.
2/ Wash and dry the figs with a paper towel.
3/ Cut them lengthwise, into 8 small parts.
4/ Put them into the mold, on top of the paper, then pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of date paste over the figs.
5/ Scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pod, mix them with the seeds, and add the pods on top.
6/ Crush the cardamom, and sprinkle it on top.
7/ With a fork, mash everything down gently. The juices of the figs will be released, but do leave the pieces whole.
8/ Now fold the baking paper over the top so the figs are covered well, and place a weight on top (like a few spoons) to keep it closed.
9/ Put the mold into the dehydrator at 108°F for 4 hours, then take it out, stir it a bit, and see if you’re reaching the consistency you want.
10/ At this point, you can add some raisins, or orange or lime zest if you wish for more ‘depth’
11/ Cover it up again, and let the jam get thicker for 2-4 more hours.
12/ Remove from the dehydrator, and transfer the jam into some cute jars. Fill them up to the top so they’re airtight, and close well.
13/ Let them chill and thicken in the refrigerator. The next day you will have a thick, nice jam for breakfast.

Storage: This jam keeps in the fridge for several weeks.
✦ Experiment with other flavors, fruits, combinations.
✦ It’s lovely on a slice of raw bread or a cracker.
✦ No dehydrator yet? Use your oven on its lowest temperature.


Energy coach to high-performance professionals, Marie-Claire can be found at Ravishing Raw or you can read more about her here (and find her other lovely recipes!).

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